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July 18/11.

Sometimes I feel like Clark Kent/Superman! - Clark rushed into a phone booth to transform into a superhero.

I race in (late), to a change room and go from mild-mannered - (HAH!) -any-woman-off-the-street, to "glowing", "radiating" patient-on-the-treatment-table! (all bets are OFF after that, as ANYTHING can transpire when you're wearing a sexy, hot blue hospital gown!) - What HAPPENS in the TREATMENT room, STAYS in the treatment room! - (unless, of course, I decide to TELL you!! - lol. And just so you know...sometimes I DO, sometimes I DON'T)!

I mean, how does THIS sound? The technicians get me to lie down on my back. They dim the lights low, show crazy, squiggly neon green laser lights above me on the ceiling (psychedelic!) and play romantic songs, (today's MUZAK? - What the World Needs Now Is Love by Burt Bacharach). Drat. I was SO craving SMOOTH, by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas - hottest number I EVER saw performed on The Grammys! Watched it three times since I got home!

(Note: ***If you don't get the CHILLS during the Carlos guitar solo from 3:33 to 4:07, you must be dead!)

But NOOOOOOOO. I get, What the World Needs Now Is Love. (oh, whatever. Always DID like Burt though - right Carrie?!)

Back to changing. No, I don't walk into PMH sporting a Clark Kent suit...but usually, a t-shirt and jeans. (no jewellery allowed on top).

Today, wanted to do an "after shot" in the gown, but THIS time, with a bit more pizzazz! (I ask you, where's a STYLIST in these hallways when you NEED one?)

Almost chickened out of posting this one, but my daughter Kate said, "GO for it!", since it's NOTHING compared to Hollywood hotties in their cleavage-boosting evening gowns on the red carpet! OK then. (Kate photoshopped the "red eye" out and gave me a little more blue...did you notice??)

After a meeting with the radiation oncologist, was heading out and caught sight of this painting, which made me think of the inside of my brain these days.

Colourful, cluttered, crazy! - (better show it to the therapist on Thursday!)

Today, no construction worker approached to offer to take a pic, so stuck the camera on a nearby post and shot it myself! Five down! Eleven more to go! (TREATMENTS!)

Love & xxxxxx everyone!

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