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Weird Al

July 14/11.

I'm in a Weird Al kinda mood. He's coming to Toronto for two Massey Hall shows on Saturday. Thinking I should buy a ticket and go see him. Always loved interviewing him back in the Global days.

Was talking to an old friend of mine on Facebook (former record rep, Kevin Shea, who used to work with Al and remains pals with him to this day), and told him, in my current state of mind, I'm craving a dose of "the Weird one", since he's as out there as I feel!

(It's kind of a coincidence that Kevin Shea now works for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation)!

When I go for radiation treatment #3 this afternoon at 3:40, will think about one of Weird Al's songs. Maybe Amish Paradise (my favourite). Do you think I could drown out today's treatment room Muzak with mind over matter? We'll see.

Update later!



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