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July 12/11.

Heading back for "Round 2" today. (no, not the 8:45 a.m. segment from the Jerry Agar show on NEWSTALK 1010! - although I WAS listening this morning, so maybe it inspired the name here!) - But "Round 2" of radiation!

Haven't decided WHAT to wear to get me feeling kick-ass and empowered today! Workin' on it.

In the meantime, took my first Tamoxifen tablet today. (Only five more years to go!)

So, in the course of just 24 hours, I'm doing things I've always been told NOT to do! (but then again, since WHEN did I ever listen?) Hasn't it been drummed into us for decades NOT to expose ourselves to radiation and NOT to ingest things that could bring on cancer?

To quote from a medical journal, "Tamoxifen is a drug, taken orally as a tablet, which interferes with the activity of estrogen, a female hormone. Estrogen can promote the development of cancer in the breast. Tamoxifen is used for the prevention of breast cancer and for the treatment of breast cancer, as well as other types of cancer.

Tamoxifen helps prevent the original breast cancer from returning and also helps prevent the development of new cancers in the other breast. As treatment for metastatic breast cancer, the drug slows or stops the growth of cancer cells that are present in the body".

All well and good, right? But the list of potential side effects is scary!
The known, serious side effects include, blood clots, strokes, uterine cancer and cataracts. Other side effects include menopause-like symptoms such as hot flashes, joint pain and leg cramps.

But apparently, the benefits of Tamoxifen as a treatment for breast cancer far outweigh the potential risks. (Fingers crossed).

I sure don't need any help with the hot flashes! - Hotter than a firecracker here, thankyou.

Oh, it was kinda funny in the hospital yesterday, when, before radiation, the two lady technicians asked if there was any chance I could be pregnant! Nope. (then I went into a hot flash).

OK! So - cut, print, moving on! See you on the flip side of Round Two!!

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