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No surprises??

July 12/11.

So the first radiation appointment at PMH late this afternoon was fine! Went to the hospital, not feeling nervous in the least, (I mean, this is NOTHING compared to surgery!), and didn't take a tranquilizer or anything else. I've been completely drug-free for months. - However, am about to start Tamoxifen, to ward off recurrence...maybe tomorrow. We'll see. Will tell you all about the side effects asap. (Don't need anymore hot flashes thanks)! Intensity Entity will confirm, - 'Hot enough Babe'.

I threatened to wear my kickass silver stilettos for the first treatment today, (so you KNOW I have to stand by my word)! Brought them with me, but couldn't take a pic in the treatment room. (Them's the RULES!) This is the best I could do to "kick cancer in the butt," as my friend, Cynthia Mulligan of CITYNEWS, (who is pretty damn kickass herself!), often says! I told her about it in a FB message today. I'm following in her footsteps all the way. She wrote back to wish me well and tell me, "You will soon be a fellow graduate"! Can only hope Cynthia. Thanks for everything.

After the treatment, wanted to take a shot in the gown and heels, but camera wouldn't work. Finally got it to go, but only blurry. Bathroom photog I could do!

Two young women "worked on me". They were both very nice and told me everything I should expect to feel. I was lying there, arm way over my head (ouch), staring at the ceiling, which was covered in these weird, psychedelic green neon zapper lights preparing to hit me. There was music playing. Strange, while these two women did their thing, I was hearing two ladies singing The Flower Duet for sopranos used in the Canuck flick "I've Heard the Mermaids Singing." Before I knew it, the treatment was over.

The "big surprise" I referred to in the previous blog entry, turned out to be the fact that I went into major shakes afterwards! Didn't think I was nervous, but after being told not to move at ALL, (and then, suddenly, everything started to itch!), practically went into convulsions when it was over! Hopefully this won't happen after EVERY treatment! When I left the hospital, tried to take a shot out front in the silver heels, when a man suddenly offered to do it for me! (hmmmmmmmm, guess these shoes work!) I offered to put his name on the blog, but he said he prefers to remain anonymous! OK then.

Kicking you in the butt cancer!

Will be back again for treatment number 2 on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.
To quote Jim Carrey, as The Grinch, "But what would I WEAR??"

Who knows? (maybe I should dress as The Grinch!?!)

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