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July 16/11.

What is it with me and funny men? Oh, forget it, don't even bother responding. I've always known the answer. Jerry Lewis! Fell in love with him when I was 11. The Nutty Professor and Cinderfella kick-started, (then clinched) the comedy deal for life.

Jerry as "Professor Julius Kelp" in his comic masterpiece, The Nutty Professor - (1963).

Jerry at his cutest! (I KNOW he's pointing to ME!!)

Without THIS scene, - Jerry, performing "Cute" in Cinderfella, (1960), my comedy obsession never would have been launched! Pure perfection here. I've watched this bit hundreds of times throughout my life. Nobody could EVER do it better!

Jerry's COMEDY led to my SERIOUS addiction! Pretty soon I was doing the hard stuff - The Marx Brothers...(ESPECIALLY Groucho)...

The Stooges...

and in no time, I was over the edge for physical schtick and anyone who could make me laugh. Robin Williams, Dudley Moore, Jack Lemmon, Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Bill Murray, David Spade, Dana Carvey, Craig Ferguson, and the list goes on forever.

Somewhere along the line, Weird Al Yankovic made my list and I had the chance to meet and interview him for Global TV numerous times, get to know him a little and to appreciate all that he has to offer, (including those cute and crazy cascading curls!)

Sam drove me to Massey Hall and took this shot, (while parked for 30 seconds on Victoria Street). I was so excited about this show, and rightfully so, as it turned out!

The scope of the parody king's talent is beyond phenomenal. He can sing in ANY style, dances up a storm, (gyrating wildly in a high-energy manner even Jerry would appreciate!), has both a beautiful singing voice AND a deep resonating, crystal clear speaking voice, plays accordian, (polka anyone??)

- keyboard, tambourine, harmonica and sends up everyone imaginable while he's at it. It's no wonder Al is so popular. He's just SO MUCH FUN to watch. He is nothing short of spectacular every second he's onstage. The members of his four-piece backup band are not only great musicians, but incredibly funny as well, and they're called upon to use their comic talents throughout the entire show.

Loved it when Al screamed to the crowd, "ARE YOU READY TO ROCCCCCCCCCCCK??" Crowd responds, "YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" Al answers quietly, "I was afraid of that. The next song is a ballad."

In between the countless costume changes, we were treated to a string of hysterically funny videos featuring "Al TV." He does fabulous interviews with the likes of Eminem (my favourite of them all), Jessica Simpson (or is it Sampson? - you hadda be there!) and Robert Plant. (thought I was going to lose it when Al asks "Bobby", "Is there anything else I can do for you?" Plant responds seriously, "Hold hands!" Al's reaction is a riot, and then, he grabs Plant's hands, prompting a lascivious look from the infamous rocker.

For a Weird Al fan, this concert (which was being taped for a television broadcast), was the ultimate! No opening act. No intermission. Two and a quarter hours of all-Al, all-the-time! He did EVERYTHING, including Fat (i.e., Michael Jackson's Bad) - wearing the fat suit,

Eat It! (i.e. Beat It - "Get yourself an egg and beat it"), My Bologna (his first big hit - i.e., My Sharona), Lasagna (La Bamba), Spiderman (Piano Man), and YES, he DID do my favourite, Amish Paradise, a send up of the hip hop song "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio featuring L.V. ("FOOL!") - Still one of the funniest videos ever!!

Fans were also treated to bits "featuring" Madonna, Celine Dion, Keith Richards, Lady Gaga and Donny Osmond, among many others!

Thanks for a great show Al! (you sure took my mind off everything else!!) Can't wait to see it all again on TV!


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