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July 15/11.

Back in the Global TV years, I used to report on the soaps every day. (truth be told, it was one of my favourite parts of the job!) Often, soap fans would tell me that nothing in REAL life could ever compare to the action in the daytime dramas. But I am proving them wrong!

No scriptwriter could have topped the intrigue and excitement of what happened to me today. My late Mum gave me a very special gift.

Following the nine months since her death, Carrie & I have worked diligently to take care of every single, tiny detail in her home, making sure each item gets the attention it deserves and ends up in the proper and rightful place, whether it be an antique shop, a furniture bank for those in need, Goodwill, Value Village, relative's houses or our own homes. In return for all the love, time and trouble, Mum has left us an overwhelming sense of security, independence and freedom. It was a red letter day for Carrie and me. I can't really speak for Carrie, (as we each have our own feelings about this phenomenal day), but for myself, my husband Sam and our two kids, Kate & Max, I'm saying how thankful we are for what she's left us. We will use her gift to make our lives better, easier and more comfortable in the years to come.

The first part of the day was spent sorting things out at the bank. All done now. Thought it would be pretty easy, but didn't expect to find myself in tears, realizing this long journey has reached some kind of conclusion or closure, (although, that will never fully happen). Carrie and I stood on the very spot the above photo was taken, to chat for quite a while. There is no more hidey hole to hide out in, no more safety blanket. We're out there on our own now. After we said goodbye and went our separate ways for the day, I drove past Mum's house and saw the garage door wide open, the new owner, Dang, working inside on renovations. Could barely breathe as I passed by, realizing someone ELSE is in charge of the hidey hole now, and that person has NO idea of the history of the house. Sigh.

After the emotional banking experience, drove directly to Princess Margaret Hospital for my 3:40 p.m. radiation appointment - #3! (Not taking any chances this time! Nothing too revealing in the dressing room. Cowered in the corner and made sure to keep the medical gown tightly CLOSED)!! LOL.

The radiation room "Muzak entertainment" today? - Diana Krall singing The Look of Love. As I lay there, listening, being pushed, prodded and pulled this way and that, my mind was crowded with crazy thoughts. Everything from my ticket to Weird Al Yankovic's concert at Massey Hall this Saturday afternoon and what he will sing, to the side effects of Tamoxifen, (hot flash anyone?), to, well, can't even say. One of my sweet technicians, Christine, asked what kind of day I'd been having. I laughed and told her what had just happened at the bank. She sighed, put her hand on my arm, as I looked up, pretty much vulnerable on the radiation table, and she commented, "Your Mum is watching out for you." At that point, tears rolled down my face and I had to hold completely still, not wiping them away, thinking about clowns, (as one friend suggested I do during treatments, and it worked!), Weird Al, Amish Paradise, Diana Krall, Carrie, Lee and Mum. I've quickly learned that radiation (even though the time on the table is short), forces you to completely stop, concentrate, breathe deeply and hear the music.

Session #3 is history! This pic was snapped by a fabulous hospital security guard named Carm who kindly offered to take it. We ended up in conversation about faith, God, prayer, a positive attitude and much more. He's witnessed a lot during his time at PMH and told me to pray anywhere - at home, outside or even on the radiation table. He wished me luck and told me HIS job is to make people feel good about themselves! (He succeeded).

After a day of mixed emotions and high drama, took the kids to BMO to open accounts of their own, courtesy of their loving and generous Gramma. (Note: amounts blurred, courtesy of Kate).

I PVR'd my favourite show, General Hospital, earlier today and watched it back. It couldn't hold a candle to the action-packed, true life adventures of this day! Thanks Mum.

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