Lain's Log

Quiet Sunday

July 17/11.

Not too much on the go. Tried to take it a bit easier today before another full week of radiation and Tamoxifen. Monday's treatment (#5!) is at 1:20 p.m. and will be followed by a weekly meeting with the radiation oncologist. I also have to go a computer room at the hospital to fill out something called DART (Distress Assessment and Response Tool). It's an electronic review of your overall health, well being and symptoms so the docs can track your progress over time.

Went to visit my parents-in-law at their condo with Sam and the kids today.

Max, me, Kate, baking in the heat outside the building!

Max got a surprise when his Zaidy presented him with a new bongo style drum he bought with Mum on a trip to Ottawa recently. Max immediately began playing it. Wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being used in an upcoming performance at rock camp!

Zaidy & Max

We all had a nice lunch together, but then the power went out! Not only the building, but the entire Lawrence/Bathurst area,(including Carrie's place!) Was out for several hours. All the seniors in the building were faced with the prospect of no elevator service. We walked down ten storeys from Mum & Dad's condo. (thankfully, didn't have to walk UP!)

Hanging with Bubie and Zaidy - (Jean & Ben Bornstein!)

P.S. - Here's a fun pic taken by Kate using Photo Booth (a program on her new MacBook Pro), using the cool aquarium effect background.

Hope everybody has a great week!

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