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July 15/11.

Writing this after a very long day. Went to sleep at 3 a.m., back up at 6:30 to get ready for an early appointment at the hospital to see my supreme surgeon, Dr. David McCready. (First time I've been checked up on by "The Man" in quite a while).

A bit of confusion at the hospital when I arrived. The nurse asked if I had an appointment (which I did), and if so, why? She wanted to know if I'd REQUESTED this appointment due to problems, (which I hadn't). I explained it was scheduled by the hospital staffers as a follow-up. Moments after changing, the Doc arrived and spent a few minutes asking how I'm doing, what kind of pain I'm in, etc. He checked the surgical site and pronounced it to be, "Looking good!" (LOL - Not often I have men telling me that!) He advised me to keep up with my mammograms and scans and said that after my next 12 radiation treatments, "You'll be done, - except for the Tamoxifen, (5 years) - and follow-up visits". No matter what, this sounded SOOOOOOOOO good to hear! Dr. McCready. Remember his name. He's the man to go to, in my opinion. Can't thank him enough for what he's done for me. I remember when Sam and I first met him. After checking my chart, he said to us, "You'll be FINE." Sam recalls almost breaking down in tears after Dr. McCready uttered those words. (yup, he loves me). I felt numb. Now, I feel great...AND numb! Still have a fair amount of pain and tons of numbness in my right arm, but good mobility. I'm trying to exercise. Even do pushups, (which is tough and painful, but I do them anyway). I have SO much support from friends, relatives and (lacey push-up bras), but on top of that, I'm glad to have Intensity Entity along for the ride. - WHATEVER this fantastic frenetic "force" is, (and lemme tell ya, I have MANY theories), it continues to energize-beyond-belief and propel me towards becoming a survivor.

Lain's crappy autocam shot. "Standing on the corner", waiting for the Doc to arrive. (And ya, I know. Cut off my head again).

My radiation appointment wasn't scheduled until hours after the meeting with Dr. McCready, but the technicians told me to "Come ONNNNNNNNNNNNN down to the basement", check in, and if at all possible, they would fit me in earlier. I did, and THEY did! They are simply amazing. Today's treatment room Muzak? - (if you can believe it), Diana Krall - again - singing The Look of Love! (must be "my new song"!) Today's thoughts? Kind of a mixed-up rehash of yesterday, - a clown, Weird Al, various friends and family members. But NO tears today. - In fact, I almost fell asleep! Hard to believe, but true. These PMH folks make things SOOOOOOOO relaxing! I told the ladies about my blog today and gave them the address. They looked a bit skeptical, but I hope they check it out, (since I mentioned them, favourably!!)

Four down. 12 to go.

Oh, and TODAY'S pic? Courtesy of another construction worker outside the hospital. Young, handsome and blue-eyed, Nathan offered to take the shot, and afterwards, told me about his Mum, who had surgery for bowel cancer, just two days ago in Brampton. He doesn't even know yet what outcome lies ahead, so wanted to help me out, while he awaits results. (Seems everyone around Princess Margaret is connected in some way).

Since the PMH gang got me in and out quickly, decided to pay a visit to Auntie Ray. (haven't seen her since Carrie & I brought her over to the hidey hole before it was gone).

Had lunch with her in the condo diningroom. (always fun!) And then, dropped into her place for a long chat. Stunning interiors!

Every time I enter her condo, I gasp. It is just gorgeous. She sings the praises of her son, Kevan, (my cuz), and his amazing wife, Marilyn, (my cuz-in-law), who together, pulled off this beyond phenomenal move from Ray and Ev's home to this new location. Uncle Ev sadly isn't there anymore, but Auntie Ray told me today, he is NOT gone. She says he is still sitting, in his usual chair. Sigh.

(Behind the chair? An early pic of Ev Staples plus a pic of Mum, - Auntie Ray's sister). She misses them both so dearly. As do I.

Discovered that Auntie Ray had the special tiger, from "The Lee collection" on her bed.

And the Uncle Ev portrait right next to the bed, watching out over her.

No matter WHERE you look in Auntie Ray's condo, you see beautiful things. She has always loved CROWDING her home with mind-blowing visuals. Angels everyplace.

I moved some furniture around for Auntie Ray. She wanted Ev's old chair on "her side" and her chair over on "his side". No problemo! So, here I am, sitting with Auntie Ray, looking like I'm SO much taller than she is, but I'm not. I just have a higher chair!

Max, Kate and MacBook Pro!

In the meantime, while I was out doing all of the above, Kate went to the Eaton Centre today and bought herself a MacBook Pro laptop! (courtesy of her grandmother). Mum would have been so happy and proud to know she is helping Kate with her upcoming four years at Ryerson!

That's it, that's all for now!!

Oh, one more thing. A newly recorded version of one my favourite Kate songs - Used To Be Mine! It's so sad and sweet. She wrote it, performed it and recorded it, including the harmony! (Click on Used To Be Mine, then you'll see Neon Pinup). Click to play.

Used To Be Mine

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