Lain's Log

Round Two

July 13/11.

So, radiation update! - 2 down, 14 still to come. Surprising how quickly all this moves along once you get going. So far, I've found that getting to the hospital takes the longest time and most effort.

Took this shot from the parking lot, where I've lost my car countless times (a la Seinfeld). All part of the fun!

By the time I arrive at 2 below (where radiation is housed), I barely have a minute to put my OHIP and hospital cards away when they're calling my name! Then it's off to the change room and I'm whisked into treatment.

Round 2!
(as usual, not a great shot, as I'm horrible with the autocam set-up. Cut off my head for one thing, and on top of that, also realized the stupid medical gown was a bit too revealing, so had to get Sam to crop the pic)! Whatever. Can't get much more raw than this I guess. - Sorry, but my in-laws are reading this thing. (Next time, I'm going to bring a bathrobe belt from home)!

Today, I was seen by two technicians (one of them the same as yesterday), plus a student who is learning the ropes. They had her involved in helping to move me into position. They ask that you not try to "help them" and that they will pull you this way and that till you're in exactly the right spot for the beam. They do a lot of measurements each day to be sure everything is just so and double it up for safety, by taking an x-ray every day. MY job, is not to move, (which I'm learning, is not as easy as it sounds).

Today's music was an instrumental version of My Heart Will Go On, (the theme song from Titanic). By the time the song ended and the ship sank, the treatment was finished!

In all the visits to Princess Margaret Hospital, I've only been to the Druxy's once. I remember, when I used to take Mum to all of her hospital appointments, she would always ask to stop for tea and a muffin, as her "reward" for getting thru what awful treatment she had to endure. Decided to do the same. Had something called chicken coconut soup, tea and believe it or not, a butter tart! Really Lain? Haven't had a butter tart, or anything that "sinful" lol, (at least food-wise!) in eons! SO happy it didn't have raisins, (I hate raisins), but it also didn't have any walnuts or pecans or whatever they usually put in butter! Anyway, unbelievably sweet. My body probably went into sugar shock - (on top of the first dose of Tamoxifen today!! - Overload of some kind).

Upon leaving the hospital, tried to take an autoshot of today's outfit...(ended up opting for jeans. Just one of those days). Stuck the camera on top of some big oil tank outside of a construction site next to the hospital, when a burly construction worker happened by and offered to take the pic. (Two for two here guys, thank you)! - Naturally, it was the exact moment a windstorm suddenly hit, so, my hair matches my emotions. Hey, TAKE it, Regis!

"Outta conTROL!")
Thank you. (love that guy).

Treatment 3 tomorrow!

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