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Rad day

July 12/11.

No time for a "photo shoot" today, LOL. Here's a pic from yesterday.
Since I've put off reading info about radiation, (in preparation for today's first treatment), spent quite a while this morning checking out the details of what's going to happen. Now, I know all. (why do I do these things to myself?) - Do I look scared? Well I'm NOT! Bring it on technicians!!

I'm actually just mad that I can't get permission to shoot a blog pic in the treatment room! Even with friends in high places, can't win that battle. Oh well, I tried. As my cousin, Kevan ("Mr. Rough Trade") would say, "Vamp until ready", - then improvise!

All I can tell you right now is, despite being "quite prepared for this eventuality" (to quote George Harrison in A Hard Day's Night), there will definitely be SOME kind of wonky surprise I can't anticipate or predict. (already told you I LOVE surprises in real life - and have been treated to some hot ones over the past months! - but NOT likin' them during medical procedures thanks! - Sadly, have had plenty of those too!) Like, "Oh, didn't I TELL you we don't use LIDOCAINE for this painful procedure??" Yikes! - or, my favourite line, (just before going in for the lumpectomy when I asked for a prescription for Percocet), "Why would you need THAT? This procedure is not generally associated with pain!" (you're KIDDIN' me, right Doc? - "You oughta see it from MY side"!! - yep, another movie line - Lee Marvin as "Kid Shelleen" in Cat Ballou). ***FYI, the Doc is a masterful surgeon, - the best, - but dead wrong on that pain point I'm afraid!

And on the subject of pain, not looking forward to keeping my arm up over my head for 20 minutes on the table. It's sore enough as it is! (Which reminds me, gotta go shave). And lemme tell ya, it's not easy to shave when most of your arm is numb. Be very careful!

Hey, maybe I'll give the technicians a few surprises of my own. Not sure what yet, but for starters, might wear my new kickass silver stilettos, - you know, so I can "kick cancer in the butt," as my friend, Cynthia Mulligan of CITY NEWS always says! We'll see.

Back later with a "Newflash". (I so miss the news biz! - Can you tell?)

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