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August 8/11.

An old friend of mine, Kim Gertler, (my very first TV producer at Global TV), was chatting with me via Facebook pop-up the other day. He never fails to make me laugh. I was trying to explain to him about Intensity Entity. How it, (he?/she?) never lets up. All energy, all the time. Kim! We need to go out for a beer!

Kim is a fabulous guy. Funny, original, smart. Without him, I never would have gotten the job as entertainment reporter. He coached me big time. Helped me do my first-ever standup, and pushed like hell to get me hired. It worked and I was there for the next 18 years! Thanks Kim. Will always love you.

Anyway, told Kim that I.E. is part energy, part adrenaline, part hormones and part sexuality - and I have NO clue what to do about it. His spontaneous answer to me in pop-up message form, was, "Embrace the vixen within!" LOL. Kim was ALWAYS great with a headline. I told him, sometimes, this force is SO outta control, I feel like Wile E. Coyote with the TNT, in the Roadrunner cartoons - about to go

So, when Carrie & I went out together today, couldn't believe it when she parked her car and we looked across the street and saw a fireworks company staring us in the face. HAD to get her to take a shot of me with the sign. (and I've made it my Facebook status pic too!) - Ka-BOOM is my new favourite word!!

We weren't LOOKING for this. Just happened. As so many things do. Today, Carrie & I were heading to Of Things Past. It's a consignment outlet, up around Yorkdale, which accepted many items from Mum's house to sell. We've been wanting to SEE this place for a long time, and today was the day. And all I can say is, "Oh my God!" We were practically in tears over the beauty of the showroom!

Filled Carrie's car with items and drove on in.

Only to find THIS, when we walked in!!! (Click to enlarge!!)

When we hit upon this area, we thought we had stepped into our grandparents' place, Century House. So many beautiful pieces!

Carrie & I were like two kids in a candy store!!

We found Mum's green & white floral antique dishes still for sale!

And her silver tea set too, - no longer black, but polished to a gleaming shine!!

Just wish we could bring Auntie Ray (interior designer extraordinaire) to the showroom. She's been there before, of course, but she needs to see THIS collection. SO stunning. Carrie ended up buying a set of three gorgeous candlesticks.

As for me? With everything I've inherited from Mum, didn't buy any items of decor, but, they were also selling fancy chocolate. Bought a package of four pieces of milk chocolate bark with almonds. Carrie & I shared them. Nothing like decadent chocolate in the middle of a showroom like this!

I mean, what else can I say but, Ka-BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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