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August 6/11.

Feel like talking about addictions. Or is it obsessions? Hmmmmmm.
I'm into those too, but, nope, today, I'm feelin' - addictions. I have plenty of them. Kinda kidding...not talking drugs...I looked up the word addiction and there are many definitions. I'm leaning towards the ones that say compulsion, spiritual obsession, pleasure, brain reward, motivation.

As of 10:40 a.m. this morning, haven't even done anything of any real
consequence. Fed Tru (our cat), put the dishes away and re-loaded the dishwasher, talked to a special person on Facebook (love that pop-up chat! - in fact, IT'S kind of an addiction - mostly really fun) and listened to music, - also a current addiction. Have tons of errands to do, but won't get around to any of those till I get my hair colour done. Hair colour. Yep, another addiction. That, and makeup. (duh).

(Hate DOING it, but love the result!) L'Oreal #38 - my fave shade. I have a friend who was comparing notes with me about colour. Turns out, she uses L'Oreal #37. Weird.

OK - so added this shot after the whole hair colour process and everything else, was finally complete. Whew! What an ordeal.

The friend I mentioned is high maintenance, just like me. We joke that, "starting from scratch", it takes (bare minimum), two hours to look like a normal human being. Shower, shampoo, conditioning, shaving, moisturizer, good old Oil of Olay (naturally), for the face, - and then for the body - all of mine are vanilla now because I'm in an outta-control-vanilla-phase, (which has been indulged by my friend, Dean, who bought me vanilla-scented creams at The Body Shop!! Thanks Dean), then leave-in treatment for massive tangles, comb-out, blow dry, styling, velcro rollers, blow-out, more styling, hairspray, and (as my friend and I love to say), - makeup "applied liberally with a garden trowel". It's the only way to go.

After all that - BING! Instant normal!! (LOL)

(also helps to go for soft focus photography whenever possible).

Everyone keeps telling me to gain weight. They think I don't eat. Ha! That's a laugh. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. (just happens I don't want it all the time!) But my new addiction is Dare Petits Plaisirs Creme Brulee cookies! Love them! (who knew?) I can't even figure out why I bought them in the first place! - but now I'm on box #3. (on sale this week at No Frills for $1.99) If left alone, I could probably finish a whole box all at once. (so far, my record has been a full row...that was last night).

Don't buy them! You might not be able to stop either!! (or maybe it's just me).

I get addicted to people too. Funny, eh? Several friends have become closer to me during this whole cancer scenario and now, if I don't speak to them daily, I go into withdrawal. Won't name them, since strangely, all of these people happen to be incredibly private, but they know who they are! (what attracted them to somebody so outgoing, free and public, I'll never know, but am glad for having them in my life!) I was even contacted by an old Seneca College pal I've been seeking out for 30 years! Complete surprise to get a message and catch up. Will write about him in a future entry (if he'll let me!)

Thanks for caring gang, and for all the support, love & laughs these past few months. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO convinced you played a role in my (ongoing), excellent, energy-fueled, never-a-dull moment recovery! What else could it be? (on top of the care and concern of countless other family members and good pals, of course! - plus a phenomenal medical team).

I've been oh so lucky. (hey, maybe that's why I love the song Lucky so much!)

And now, on the subject of music...have always loved it (who doesn't, right?), but never moreso than following my surgery. It's been three months of blaring music, everywhere I go. Again, my brain seems convinced that certain music got me through recovery.

Tops on the list is Bryn Christopher - 25-year-old singer from Birmingham, England.

Yep, good looking, but that's not it. After discovering his song The Quest on Grey's Anatomy in 2008, I fell for the guy's incredible voice. Sam gave me a copy of his CD and I started playing it day after day in the car, once my surgery was over and I was able to drive again. The more I listened, the more I loved it. He sings soulfully and with such intensity about love, lust, losing his mind, addictions, obsession. Every day, a new song became my own personal "obsession du jour". But the one I love most is Seconds Ago, a fast-paced, drum-laden track. My favourite lyrics include, "I lost my mind. How it happened I don't know. I lost my mind. Must have happened when I let go." The song suits my mood - breathless.

Click here, and then click on the arrow inside to hear the MP3. Sadly, there's no video for this song - audio only. Listen LOUD!!

PrivatePractice 02x11 (Bryn Christopher - Seconds Ago).mp3

I listened to this song every day, over and over, on the way to radiation and on the way home. (and still do). For whatever reason, it spoke to me and made me feel good. Like everything was going to be OK.

And at home, at the computer, it was these guys. Wes Taylor & Matt Doyle, singing Lucky. Over and over and over. Again, they spoke to me. (Kate too!) We've been addicted to the song! I've talked about it here before, I know. They were in love when they performed this song together and it's the cutest, sweetest, truest version you could ever hope to watch. You can see, and FEEL their passion. (Drag, that they broke up though).

Sounds weird, but I want to thank Bryn, Wes & Matt! Feelin' great and you all helped me feel buzzed and energized.

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At August 6, 2011 at 9:59 p.m. , Anonymous dean said...

Glad you like the vanilla lotions.Too bad we had not reconnected when had L'Oreal as a client and get invited to the friends and family and employee sale.It was out by York - a few blocks east sort of.I used to buy my Mom lipstick/foundation/nail polish etc -which killed the friend I mainly went with.How did I know which shade etc etc.I even bought my nephew a blonde for men I think it was -he said in grade 6 I think he was -it was not blonde enoough.My friend would stock up on nail polish and shampoo etc.Not sure what number was nephew dye job in a box.
Yes YOU ARE skinny -but that is you. I am glad you have limited will power like my Dda when comes to cookies -his is all cookies -I got 100 calories'cookies today and by the time had come back to his table ,he and his table mate had eaten 2 or 3 little bags -luckily only 100 calories.His tablemate noramlly eats just mashed up food.Luckily he ddi not choke and was quite happy with the fudge drizzled cookies.
I may do the Taste again tomorrow -but the timing would be to get to my dad's at about 1pm -so I can take him down to the lemonade socail at 2pm.


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