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Wild Wednesday!!

August 3/11.

This was the best Wednesday I've had for, - well, at least two weeks! Just kiddin' ya here. This day was pretty frickin' fantastic & hard to top. Right Cayr?

Carrie & me. I love this pic! You can really see how much alike we are. (only my opinion).

After my final treatment, Carrie & I were hoping to get a pic together. A man outside the hospital offered to snap the shot for us, and he did. When he asked why we were doing this photo, I told him my 16 radiation treatments were over. He informed us he had just started a round of 25 treatments for prostate cancer, and had completed #2. I almost cried.

My friend, Cynthia Mulligan (CITYNEWS reporter), a cancer survivor, told me way back in March, that one of these days, I would be the one to inspire others, as she did for me. I didn't believe her. Then, I met this man. Not that I inspired him. Far from it. But I felt such a connection, knowing what he's going thru. Before I could even say a word, he wished me the very best as he handed the camera back to me. I wished him the very same, with tears in my eyes.

Still can't believe my final day of radiation - (treatment #16), happened to coincide with the same day my great friends/family members, Franc & Mary, were set to entertain in the Wednesday Atrium concert series at Princess Margaret Hospital. Too bizarre that this was their scheduled performance day too!

And, a special surprise guest!!

Not only did Franc & Mary perform, but my brother-in-law, Garth of The Nylons, (Franc & Mary's bro), dropped by to appear with them! GENES reunited!! I was SOOOOOOOO surprised!!

Garth, clowning with Mary & Franc - They are the greatest!!

With my bro-in-law, Garth Mosbaugh, whom I have adored since he was a teenager. Through everything that's happened, we remain close and he is oh-so-special to me. It was a blast to see him perform old Genes numbers with Franc & Mary! (And The Nylons have a new CD out called Skintight!) They are in town to promote it and perform some concerts.

The Nylons - Gavin Hope, Tyrone Gabriel, Claude Morrison and Garth

With the Fabulous Franc, Marvellous Mary and Great Garth!! What a fantastic final radiation day with a concert "just for me!!" They even dedicated a song to me - Here Comes the Sun!

"Where's my stylist?" shot - out the door today!! The medical gown is no more!! Bye Bye blue monstrosity!! It's been real.

And the day's "number shot?" - NO numbers. On this, the 16th treatment day, only thumbs up! All is well and now, I'll spend some time recovering at home from all the burning. Carrie took my pic as stand-in "construction worker" today. I got cards, prezzies, you name it!

Lain in front, back row: Kate, Carrie, Tina Nodwell, Franc, Mary, Nancy

Today's table top fantasy? I went skinny dipping! Can you believe it? Not sure where it was, a lake somewhere in Ontario. It was picturesque and isolated. I was alone and just jumped in! Funny. What happens in radiation, stays in radiation. (except, of course, if you have a blog).

(something like THIS, I think).

Quite sure it represents the ultimate freedom I've been feeling, now that radiation is over. Only recall skinny dipping once in my life, while at a cottage on a beautiful secluded lake near North Bay with my boyfriend, when I was 19 (the "ultimate age of freedom," - at least, for me). What a time we had. I still remember what it was like - cold, exhilarating, fun & free. I don't expect to be doing it again, but, never say never I guess!! If the right person were to ask! - who knows! LOL Could happen!

I think I'm a little shyer now than I used to be, (although, there are those who would tell you otherwise!) Gotta work on being a bit bolder - more daring. Makes life more out there and exciting, right?

Table top Muzak today? Nothing! Seriously! They didn't playing ANYTHING!! (maybe they read my complaints the day before about Cry Me a River!! - and shut the whole system down!)

Didn't matter anyway. (Who needs music when you're splashing around in a lake with no clothes on)??

Once again, this imagination notion came from the suggestion of a friend who loves skinny dipping and jokes with me about it all the time! (Does this table top escape mean I really want to do MORE of this? Sure would cut back on bathing suit costs!!) I never think these crazy ideas given to me by friends will affect where my brain takes off, but it's happened a number of times. To quote Shatner, "Weird or WHAT??"

So, treatments are OVER!! Guess it's back to reality! (whatever THAT is!!) Don't think I KNOW what "normal" means anymore! - only, the "NEW normal!" - and the new normal is pretty OUT THERE and over-the-top! (But I'm getting used to it!!)

Thanks for a more-than-memorable day gang!! Can't imagine a day like this could EVER happen again!!

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At August 4, 2011 at 4:32 a.m. , Blogger ib said...

Hi Elaine, I came across your blog somehow last week and I can't stop thinking about what a dynamo you are. Have you heard about Abraham-Hicks? I have been using this process and I find it very powerful. Try it once a day for a month and see if you notice any improvements. See if it resonates with you.
from Abraham-Hicks - Ask and it is Given - Process #21

First, you lie in a comfortable place, then read the following list to yourself -

It is natural for my body to be well.
Even if I don’t know what to do in order to get better, my body does.
I have trillions of cells with individual Consciousness, and they know how to achieve their individual balance.
When this condition began, I didn’t know what I know now.
If I had known then what I know now, this condition couldn’t have gotten started.
I don’t need to understand the cause of this temporary indication of vibrational discord.
I don’t need to explain how it is that I’m experiencing this temporary discord.
I have only to gently, eventually, release this temporary discord.
It doesn’t matter that it got started, because it’s reversing its course right now.
It’s natural that it would take some time for my body to begin to align to my improved thoughts of Well-Being.
There’s no hurry about any of this.
My body knows what to do.
Well-Being is natural to me.
My Inner Being is intricately aware of my physical body.
My cells are asking for what they need in order to thrive, and Source Energy is answering those requests.
I’m in very good hands.
I will relax now, to allow communication between my body and my Source.
My only work is to relax and breathe.
I can do that.
I can do that easily.

Now just lie there and enjoy the comfort of the mattress beneath you – and focus upon your breathing – in and out, in and out. Your goal is to be as comfortable as possible.
Breathe as deeply as you can while still remaining comfortable. Do not force it. Do not try to make anything happen. There is nothing for you to do other than to relax and breathe.
You will very likely begin to feel soft, gentle sensations in your body. Smile, and acknowledge that this is Source Energy specifically answering your cellular request. You are now feeling the healing process. Do nothing to try to help it or intensify it. Just relax and breathe – and allow it.
If you were experiencing pain when you lay down follow the same process and add:

This sensation of pain is an indicator that Source is responding to my cellular request for Energy.
This sensation of pain is a wonderful indicator that help is on the way.
I will relax into this sensation of pain because I understand that it's indicating improvement

Now if you can, drift off to sleep. Smile in your knowledge that all is well. Breathe. Relax. Trust.

At August 4, 2011 at 7:49 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I just read "Ask and It Is Given" Process #21. Positive, powerful stuff!

Lainey, you look so beautiful and happy in your photos on your last day of treatment. You always look gorgeous, but on Wednesday there was a certain sparkle in your eyes - and your smile came from within - pure joy!

You have been on a journey that nobody wants to embark upon - and you made it! You said "I want to live" - and here you are babe. You are the most incredible, sweetest, bravest woman I know. It is an honour to have you as my friend.

Here's to growing old together, colouring each other's hair and applying eye-liner on one another if need be.

Your life from this day forward will be "f@*king magic"! Thanks for that quote Auntie Ray

You know who I am. (hee hee)

At August 4, 2011 at 10:51 a.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

To Ib,
I thank you for posting this info about Abraham-Hicks. Strangely, as it turns out, my daughter, Kate, owns this book. I will have to borrow it! Never knew about this process, but sounds like something I should try, as I've already experienced something like it in radiation! (and since radiation is over, now what? LOL). Really appreciate you taking the time to write such a thoughtful message to me.


And to "anonymous" (you shy little cutie!), thank you for always always being there. (and did I mention always??) You are brave too, though you may not know it! I am ALSO proud to have you as a friend and wish you every happiness. As for the hair colour, gotta go do mine right now. ("Do me baby"! LOL - cue Teddy Pendergrass).

I will pass these messages along to Auntie Ray, who no doubt will find them infinitely intriguing!! At 91, she is still rockin' and always looking for the "fucking magic," where ever she goes! Love you too Babe!!


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