Lain's Log

Quiet Sunday

July 31/11.

Tried to go-with-the-flow today. Worked around the house, cleaned up mountains of things, cooked meals and generally just attempted to keep it together till the next treatment, (coming Tuesday, to a blog site near you).

Went to Gerrard Square for a few things, then, to the LCBO, where, out front, discovered not one, but TWO of my fave street entertainers, together, playing the blues! In the past, had only seen them performing individually. Who KNEW they were brothers??

Had a great chat with them. Turns out, they are younger bro Aubrey (left), Dana (right). They play some really mean, rockin' tunes, lemme tell ya. They're from the east coast, have been performing together since they were kids and say they like to play outside the Gerrard/Carlaw LCBO to make a few extra bucks, (for beer), on top of their regular jobs. They are really good!

I gave them a toonie, and offered to go inside to buy them a beer, but at that exact second, the store closed! Told them, next time. A friend of theirs snapped this quick pic of us, and as I was leaving, Dana yelled out to me, "Nice meeting you! Love you!" I yelled back, "Love you too!!"

Drove home to make dinner. Sam barbequed chicken burgers. I made rice and peas. It's always fun to have a house filled with kids.

Max's good friend, Ben Christiani joined us, (he keeps us all laughing!), -along with Kate's boyfriend, Damian. We all watched Anchorman, one of the funniest movies ever. The "anchorman showdown?" I mean, come on!!

"Brick, where did you get a hand grenade?" - "I don't know."

- truly hilarious, no matter HOW many times I have seen it. (of course, 18 years working in a TV newsroom, makes it even more hysterical)!!

Hanging out till it's time to gear up for radiation Tuesday - (treatment #15 of 16!!) Coming up next? Civic Holiday Monday. Hope you'll all be diggin' the day off! Can't believe, August already. The summer is racing by, faster than a speeding bullet.

Oh! And look what my kids came home with for me today! A present! Season 3 of House on DVD! Yippee! Have always wanted to own a House season, and now I do!! My kids know me well. Can't wait to watch. Hugh Laurie rules.

"You're too kind Lain. Call 911 if you need me."

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