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Out with the OLD, in with the NEWWWWW!!

August 4/11.

It's a new day! (first day of the rest of my life? - Why NOT??)

No hospital visits scheduled today. No more crappy blue medical gowns!! (and no more looking for a non-existent hallway stylist!!) Finally got some of my old clothes into Value Village. Felt weird saying goodbye to so many things I've loved for years, but it's time. I've lost weight, moved on to other things, ideas, ways of thinking, modes of dressing and I crave a new wardrobe!

I, WANT, tighter-fitting, hotter stuff. I know some people don't connect to this concept. But, surprisingly, my husband, Sam, relates! Having lost & gained weight numerous times himself, he told me tonight that no one understands me better than HE does, when it comes to dropping pounds. He can relate to what it's like to lose weight, how it makes you feel about yourself, your self esteem. He made me laugh, when he complimented me on the new form-fitting shirt/slacks I bought and then told me to look out, - being slimmer can be addictive. (& he's right).

After dropping/donating my old items, it was off to the Eaton Centre with Kate to find some NEW acquisitions.

Kate snapped this shot in the Smart Set dressingroom - you can see HER reflected in the background. I saw this mini-dress about a week ago and wanted it, but didn't think they had my size. (i.e. 8 or 10). Never thought of asking for a SMALLER size. Then, on this return visit, tried on size 2. Still too big! Then, finally, tried THIS one on - size 0. What the HELL? Never, in a million years did I think I'd see THAT day!! Kate told me the "zero" looks better! So, bought it. Looks like I'll be wearing it on vacation soon.

(***Note: Was shocked while changing into the dress, to suddenly see the "treated" area had changed rather drastically in the past few hours - now bright red, freckled, burned, hot, kinda sore, - and scared me. Can't beat radiation for surprises I guess).

Meanwhile, Kate visited The Bay lingerie department, bought a sultry black slip dress and took a pic of herself in the change room. So pretty!

Hit the MAC cosmetic counter, where I bought the long-awaited new blush - (GORGEOUS light pinky colour called "Dainty"), plus 2 fabulous lipsticks, (a lovely pink called "Chatterbox"), and a delicious mauvy shade - ("Impressive"), plus a lipliner, in my decades long fave shade - "PLUM". (Now QUICK! Somebody KISS me!!)

- Also bought a vibrant blue liquid eyeliner for Kate (called "Herizon Blue")! There is just NOTHING like new makeup!!

Then, on to the sunglasses department, where I picked out some GUESS "movie star shades" for Fern Resort holiday week. LOVE them!

Also got some new HUE black stretch Flared Jeggings. They are gorgeous.

So, all in all, terrific day.

Nothing in this world like retail therapy!!

P.S. - Table top Muzak...oh, right, forgot. That's not happening anymore! Instead, nothing but Bryn Christopher blaring in the car. (however, lost my car in the Queen/Yonge parking lot for about half an hour. Finally found it, with Kate's help!! Never a dull moment!!)

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