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August 7/11.

Had a really good day today. Feeling happy. Feeling great. Did what I WANTED to do - (which was next-to-nothing). Energized one moment, zonked out the next. (sounds like Sinatra in That's Life...."I've been up and down and over and out"),....and on and on...

"You're riding high in April, shot down in May". Sinatra always sang about real life. Regrets? - Love, - doo-be-doo-be-doo, and everything else in between.

Yesterday, trying to clean things up in the basement - had all kinds of stuff out on the back deck to be taken away - (soon), by a junkyard dog. I was actually "taking phone calls" outside - in the wardrobe behind me, because people kept calling while I was working!! Had to go sit INSIDE the wardrobe because it was pouring rain! Never a dull moment.

As for Sunday, off to Canadian Tire.

Haven't been there in a while. LOVE that store! Just wanted to check out the deals and see what I might want/need/crave.

Ended up buying only a greeting card, (for my nephew, Lee, as we are WAYYYYYYYYYY overdue for his belated 16th birthday gift, which got held up due to Mum's house sale). - Don't worry Lee! Your gift is coming and we hope you will spend it on ANYTHING you like! All the best for year 16!! Also bought some packs of Reese's peanut butter cups for the kids.

If you want to see a HUGE part of my life, - this is it! (below)

Max, (in front), Robyn, Kate, Damian, billions of DVDs, M*A*S*H*, food, fun, all packed tightly into a tiny little den. LOVE this little room. Love these kids.

Sam grilled chicken souvlaki on the barbeque, I made salad and prepared strawberries for dessert, with vanilla icecream. All delicious! Taste of the Danforth was happening just six blocks away, but we didn't go, and decided to have our own Greek dinner at home. Don't want summer to end.

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