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Whatever gets you thru the night

June 21/11

I don't think I ever completely GOT John Lennon's full message when he sang, "Whatever gets you through the night, - 'salright, 'salright."

I THOUGHT I did, but now I realize I couldn't totally relate to it, till receiving the cancer diagnosis more than three months ago. NOW, I do. I get it John.

Astounding sometimes, what the fear of cancer can do to you. Don't even want to SAY what's gotten ME thru the night sometimes, but lemme tell you, (as Kramer might say to Seinfeld), "It's OUT there Jerry! It's OUT there! And I'm LOVIN' it!!"

(Here's KRAMER's actual version of these thoughts! Fantastic!)

Getting thru the night can be as SIMPLE as talking to my kids, or watching them laugh and play video games with the people they're in love with.

How could you NOT get thru the night after seeing THESE beautiful, laughing faces in the den? (left to right) - Damian, Kate, Robyn, Max. They all bring such a vibrancy to the house and to my life!

Or, it can be as COMPLEX as the intricacies of spending months clearing Mum's house, getting rid of her treasured belongings, putting the house on the market and saying goodbye to everything. It can also be a million other wild and wacky things somewhere in BETWEEN simple and complex.

Luckily, SOME old friends (and, of course, family members), GET what I'm going thru and simply roll with all the punches. Maneuvering the winding roads of the medical world, dealing with the emotional ups, downs, highs, lows, (on TOP of the "Mum stuff"), can leave you a little loopy. Ya think?? - Doh!

I have one newer friend whose very funny and extremely original blog concepts helped inspire my own. I didn't know him, but started reading his blog a few years ago, (back when I WANTED to launch a blog, but had NO clue what to write about). That changed, when I found out I had cancer. (then, I suddenly KNEW what to write!)

He lives far away, so we only speak (and laugh) on line. When I talk to him, no matter what state I'm in, it somehow feels, - All's right with the world, and I can breathe again. (That's what humour can do for you - ERASE bad days, give you the courage and frame of mind to keep moving forward). Can't wait to see what craziness he has in store tonight, but bring it on!

Another friend plays me music on line. He has access to a dozen different music servers and can locate ANY piece of music I request within 30 seconds. Impressive! Last night, I tested him again, and asked for Lionel Richie's "Hello" - (among other oldies), and it popped up on Facebook almost immediately! He is well connected! And the song was just as beautiful as I remembered it to be. Music helps a lot.

On top of that, just to shake things up a bit, I spoke to an "old friend" (or, I THOUGHT it was an old friend), but turned out to be a chef in the Yukon whom I've never met, - with the same NAME as an old friend! (what the hell??) He stumbled upon my blog out of the blue. (or maybe it was my Facebook, not sure). But even the bizarre nature of this "surprise" made me laugh and helped "get me thru the night"! Salright. You just never know what's around the corner! (And anyway, I got his secret recipe for pasta!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, (as Ben Cartwright used to say at the Ponderosa on Bonanza), let's get back to reality! Oh. Do we HAVE to??

Carrie and I hooked up today with Doreen, buyer from the antiques showroom known as Of Things Past!

She may have been a bit taken aback by the assorted junk she first encountered on the lawn, but once inside Mum's house, we were thrilled that she accepted almost all of the beautiful antique items we offered to be sold on consignment.

Above, are some of Mum's best antiques, handed down from our grandparents' shop, Century House, north of Lindsay. Mum would love the fact that someone else will eventually own and take care of these very special items.

More of the antiques, plus a gorgeous piece - a dresser, also from Century House. It's too stunning to let go of. Carrie is going to keep it.

Mum always called her silverware her "prized possession." - Now off to Of Things Past.

After antiques specialist Doreen took off, it was up to US to wrap things, box them up and have them delivered to the showroom.

Everything was going pretty smoothly, till Carrie had to bag up all of Lee's old stuffed animals from his childhood years. I'M the one most often in tears, but not this time. Ai yi yi. (Cayr...sorry to say, but I'm glad it's YOU once in a while! - You know, I KNOWWWWWWWWW the feeling!) How could I EVERRRRRRRRRRR have come "thru the night" without you?? Impossible.

She's SURROUNDED! Saying goodbye to some old friends. (Think I'll call my music pal tonight and ask him to play for me The Bee Gees' - "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"?? - knowing him, he's already got it lined up for me!)

P.S. - One of the toys we came across was the "Horshshack doll" - (of Welcome Back Kotter fame!) Man, I loved that show!

Original Horshack doll! So cute!

I used to ADORE Ron Palillo! (hah hah hah!...can't do the famous laugh...only HE can!)

With Carrie in tears, I had to be the one to pack the stuffed animals into my car to be delivered to Goodwill. Bye guys! Be good!

On the way to drop off the stuffed animals!

Thinkin' about what might get me thru the night....TONIGHT!

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