Lain's Log

Heart-thumping day!

June 16/11

Worked hard at Mum's house today. It was fun. Placed the ad - (by phone), with the Toronto Star for the upcoming estate sale on Saturday at 10 a.m. (Ad will appear in the Friday AND Saturday editions). Carrie and I spent hours, cleaning the place, sorting, hanging clothing, and tons of other things.

With "Serenity Sis" - Carrie, cleaning out Mum's garage

Much time was devoted to sorting Mum's precious record collection. Man, we all loved those records. Music was ALWAYS playing! Found a bunch of LPs we could NEVER let go of in a million years. Hard to tell from the glare, but three of them, - (for ME to keep!), included Mum's fave - Beyond the Fringe - (featuring Dudley Moore!), plus, - The Beatles' - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band (NATURALLY!!) and Godspell! - (sigh, - none of us could EVER get enough of Godspell!) Don Scardino, Victor Garber, Martin Short, Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy and on and on. (Just typing their NAMES here, gives me goosebumps!)

While working inside the house, came across a big box of stones. Mum adored rocks and stones. Everyone brought them to her from trips all over the world. Carrie asked if I wanted to keep any of them. I didn't. She kept one, from a special place in Wales. (Mary - you know what I'm talking about!)

Carrie then said, "OK. We're dumping all the stones into a bag now. YOU take them out and put them in the backyard on top of Teddy (the guinea pig's) grave". I obey my sister. (Do what she says, or trouble will follow you to the end of time, hee hee). Carted that bag of stones to the "headless statue". - Didn't think I'd feel ANYTHING. Dumped the stones out and looked at them. Just stared. Lost in space. Saw there were stones, pebbles, shells, cracked crab claws, pieces of God-knows-what, - you name it. Something caught in my throat. Had to run my fingers thru the mixed bag of rocks, touching them, "connecting." Felt the rush, (felt the tears). Said goodbye to the rocks, (to Teddy), and to Mum, who so loved that eclectic collection of stones. Whew. (Who the hell knew a bunch of old stones and shells could GET to you?)

Didn't even mention any of this to Carrie when I came back inside the house. She had ENOUGH on the go! (when I return on Friday, will take a picture of all the stones for the blog).

Taking a break in Mum's backyard. (The stones are scattered on the ground about 10 feet directly behind me. Beautiful spot).

Going to try and get some rest, (for once!) To all my friends and relatives, (who may feel I've lost it - and could well be right), - thanks for staying up with me night after night, keeping me company in my own personal Twilight Zone! Cue Rod Serling. (don't worry too much! I'm not scared. I always LOVED The Twilight Zone!)

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