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Playing dressup!

June 20/11

In the never-ending saga of clearing Mum's house, today, Carrie and I spent the afternoon back at her place, trying to clean up from the massive estate sale on the weekend. Bagged up piles of stuff for Goodwill and then decided to put many of the items that didn't sell, out on to the lawn, free for the taking.

For about 30 minutes, we had only one "customer", but she managed to cart away about half the things we put out! (What she'll DO with them, I'll never know, but we're glad someone wanted the stuff!)

Carrie shows off the merchandise!

Since this visit meant another few hours together in the "hidey hole," we decided to amuse ourselves by playing dressup, the way we used to as kids. There wasn't much left to "work with", but we did find some hats!

Not sure WHAT statement these hats are making! - Mine, Charlie Chaplin?

Mine - old-time school girl look? Carrie's - no clue! - (Have to laugh at all my bruises. During the estate sale, I got whammed so many times by heavy items as I tried to carry them to people's cars! DETERMINED I wasn't gonna let the remnants of cancer surgery get in the way). Somebody STOP me!!

Meanwhile, found some old coats too.

Apparently, this coat originally cost $500! Must have been the most expensive one Mum ever owned! Gets it's a keeper!

This black leather jacket belonged to my daughter, Kate, but she tried to sell it in the sale. Nobody bought it! (Guess Carrie wanted to feel like a biker chick! Where's your Harley??)

Our fantastic agent, Sinisa Paradina, dropped by to let us know he's still getting requests from people who want to be shown through the house! Will be interesting to see how this story unfolds and eventually plays out. - When we finally leave this house behind, Carrie and I are really going to miss Sinisa, (who was also a neighbour of Mum's). FYI - We highly recommend him! (It's unlikely he's ever worked with sellers who play with Barbie dolls or dress up in their Mum's old clothes, but he rolls with it!)

After playing dressup, I took off with five massive sacks of clothing for Goodwill, headed home, but not before dropping them off. Hopefully, someone else will get good use out of them!

In the meantime, today is also the wedding anniversary of my parents-in-law! Hope you've had a great day!

Jean & Ben Bornstein!

Happy 63rd anniversary to you Mum & Dad! - Where would I be without you? Love you BOTH very much!

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