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June 17/11.

Everything's ready, (or, as ready as it will EVER be), for the estate sale today. Carrie and I spent hours at Mum's place, (again), continuing to clean, sort, label, display - (in between getting all KINDS of calls from "early birds", who tracked down Mum's phone number and asked to drop in to see what's for sale!) Ended up making some advance money, which we didn't expect, but no complaints.

Arrived feeling fresh, upbeat and ready/raring to go - (above), but only hours later, - an exhausted, bedraggled wreck! - The emotion of an event like this sure can do you in.

Today was "Picture Day!" Carrie & I both took lots of shots at Mum's to remember what it all looked like, as the sale descends upon us.

First of all, here's the pic I promised yesterday of the "headless backyard statue", with Teddy, - (the dearly departed guinea pig), buried below, and the rocks and stones from Mum's beloved collection, sprinkled atop his gravesite.

"Sorry, I lost my head!"

Closeup of the special collection of stones, rocks, crab shells, etc. Items given to Mum by friends and relatives over many years. Had to
put my hand on them and say goodbye.

OK. About to do a "showcase of pics" from the upcoming sale. Everything looks so pretty. (But it will be ALL gone by Saturday night).

Looking through the backyard deck window. Beautiful. She SO loved this view.

Such a lovely little livingroom. Looking out to Glengarry Avenue.

Mum's comfy bedroom

Her tiny perfect den

Kitchen clutter

Shelving units in the living room. Lots of treasures!

Mantelpiece! (and the GORGEOUS floral mirror I'm keeping!)

"Basement scene" - (same name as Max's band!!)

Out of control kitsch!

Why is it Eric Braeden - ("Victor Newman" of The Y & R), follows me everywhere? (FYI - Mum loved him too!)

Books and obscure 78s

Bears galore! - "Buy me! - No, ME! - No, MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Mum loved the "view" of climbing vines just outside her bedroom window.

Two special bears next to Mum's antique vanity

"Skunky" (Mum's favourite little outdoor statue), gets sold!

Close-up of "Skunky". (Look OUT! I might spray you!)

Some special items - May, or may NOT sell on Saturday!

About to leave for the evening. - Carrie departs with her favourite chair!

(Gramma would be happy to know we are taking some of her own creations and other obscure antiques.)

GOTTA get some sleep in preparation for Saturday's sale.

Doh! Forgot, I still have to make a pile of sandwiches for the cast & crew helping out on Saturday. Photo ops galore awaiting us, as the gang includes Lee - ON HIS 16th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Carrie, Paul, me, Sam, Garth, Franc, Mary, Kate and Max! Good luck everybody!

How am I feeling???

Not sure. Will post again when it's all over! Thanks - (in advance), to each and every one of our kind & generous assistants! (We will reward you in ways you may not expect!)

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