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June 20/11

Still dreaming of the beauty of the lake yesterday. It was fun hanging out with Carolyn on the deck, lounging on the "bean bag" thingamajigs. So relaxing, I even fell asleep! But this morning, back to reality. Woke up to a jarring phone call from Princess Margaret Hospital, telling me my appointment with the Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Koch, is Monday July 4th at 1:30 p.m. Time to set the summer schedule of radiation treatments. Fun. Scared. (What else is new??)

After hearing that news, wanted to watch my "obsesseion du jour" video - (which has kinda turned into "obsession du mois").

Haven't been able to get this song ("Lucky"), out of my head, where ever I go. But it's much more fun to watch it when Wes Taylor and Matt Doyle sing it together. I know I posted it the other day, but when I went to watch it on the blog, couldn't find it. So, I'm darn well posting it again! Every time I watch, I see something different in their expressions. Their voices are stunning and I LOVE the way the audience responds to everything they do.

OK, so, have watched it twice today. Maybe now I'm equipped to take on another crazy day. Heading back to Mum's to meet Carrie and clear more stuff after the big estate sale. The closing date is looming. Breathe. Breathe - Stay calm. (wish I could convince myself to do the same!) Talk to you later.
Cheers everybody!

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