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June 16/11

Heading to Mum's place again today, to do more work with Carrie. The fun never ends. Appears, if all goes to plan, the place is sold. (will believe it when we see it!)

Our mission, now, (should we decide to ACCEPT it Jim!!), is to finally finish getting it cleared out.

"Hey Carrie! What if I decide NOT to accept it??" - Well, Jim, - Carrie asked me to tell you, if you DON'T, your tape recorder will self-destruct. (But you should damn well KNOW that by NOW!! - Get a GRIP man! - you've been featured on this blog enough times to recall what happens when you turn missions down!!)

First, an estate sale. Should be interesting. Both Carrie & I are feeling major league stress. (Not even sure how Carrie is doing it at ALL, what with her many jobs, helping Lee with a crazy schedule of baseball, exams and projects during these final days of school, (he apparently did his David Letterman presentation in class the other day and was a big hit! - "TreMENDOUS"!- (as Dave would say!), plus all her meetings and rehearsals.

Carrie & her baseball boy, Lee!

As for me, trying to roll with it all as best I can (in between laughter, tears & fears). Got a phone call late yesterday from the radiation oncologist's office telling me I need to come in to see her and set up my treatment schedule (which will most likely start right in the middle of the last clean-out days at Mum's).

Haven't been sleeping well at all lately, and even "Intensity Entity" seems to be bailing on me from time to time. Last night took a break to sit outside on the front porch. Love it that one of my favourite shirts features the Power Puff girls! We gave this shirt to our niece, Jenny, years ago. Then, Kate inherited it back, but I confiscated it to help me feel empowered! On top of that, I have this "bling ring" - (fake diamonds, but HUGE). One day, Auntie Ray came to visit, stuck this massive ring on my finger and said, "Wear it when you want to feel empowered!" (Now, I wear it EVERY day!!)

Lucky for me, I have these two AMAZING kids who fill the house with music and fun! When Max isn't drumming, he entertains me by playing guitar and singing, sometimes in the kitchen!

As for Kate, when she's not playing piano, ukelele or guitar, singing original compositions, she does wardrobe photo shoots. Here, she's modelling a new blue top (in her fave shade). Bought it for her at Winners. Looks GREAT!

Sometimes, even just listening to or watching the two of them play games can be entertaining! Here they're playing a game called Flew the Coop.

The art for this iPhone/iPad game, was created by Kate's boyfriend, Damian Sommer.

Damian Sommer! - Check out Damian's blog at:

Flew the Coop is hilarious! (apparently, it costs .99 at

The description for this game says - You are a very angry chicken and you are running away from the farm! Navigate the terrain and other animals to avoid the farmers! Fun for people of all ages!

On top of the LIVE entertainment around here, both my kids are constantly introducing me to new music or videos online. My obsession du jour is a version of Jason Mraz's Lucky, (seems Lucky is the theme of the day!). It's performed by Wes Taylor & Matt Doyle.

These guys are both Broadway performers. They were in love at the time, and performed this at a New York party. The CUTEST, TRUEST, SWEETEST performance and, in my opinion, absolute perfection!! Kate and I have watched it over and over. Weird how these obsessions get me through the days! OK gang. I'm outta here now to face another wild and wacky adventure! (or as Paul Shaffer would say, "NUTTY!")

Thanks Paul! - (See you later tonight at 11:30!)

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