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June 14/11

Today is a big day for me at Princess Margaret Hospital. It's been almost a month since I've been there. First up, a meeting with The Nutty Professor (medical oncologist).

Didn't get much sleep. (what else is new?) Feeling all kinds of craziness. Gotta ask the Doc to check everything. Heart, BP, bloodwork, etc. Maybe HE can figure out what's causing this Intensity Entity to rage through me! I'm sure he'll have some kind of treatment mapped out. Might even find out my radiation schedule. We'll see.

After that, at 2:30 p.m. - a meeting at the Survivorship Centre. Not sure WHAT they do there! (but hopefully, I'll survive!)

Meanwhile, thinking of Sacha (who's right next door to Princess Margaret Hospital as we speak). Should I visit her so soon after the big delivery? Would SO love to see her and the new baby. But after the 30-hour labour and everything else she endured, not sure she'll want any guests. I remember what rough shape I was in the day Kate arrived, 19 years ago!)

Probably won't be able to stop myself from bringing flowers to her.

For now, guess I'll just follow the yellow brick road. Will check in with you later for a news flash!

I'm kinda nervous. Maybe I should start thinking about Al Pacino again (a la yesterday) to take my mind off things. (What's going on here? Is he becoming my new blog mascot??)

"Whatever turns you on Lain! - ALWAYS there for you!"
(Ya Al, I know.)

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