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Lee's birthday!!!!!!!!

June 18/11.

Happy birthday to my amazing nephew, Lee!

Today he is 16! Wow. Rather than complain about not getting a "party", he accepted this weird family get-together and devoted his ENTIRE birthday to working at his late Gramma's estate sale. He teamed up with my son, Max, (his favourite cousin, - right Lee??), in the basement. In between selling items, he lugged heavy purchases to people's cars, helped count change, played childhood games with Max and made himself available for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! From the day he was born, Lee had such a close relationship with his Gramma, and he chose to do what he could to make this estate sale a big success - (and it was!) Gramma would have been proud.

My bro-in-law, Garth, celebrates his son, Lee's 16th birthday with a candle in a sandwich!

SO many things happened, not even sure what to write about. We were VERY well supported by "our team" - a diehard, devoted gang of raucous rogues.

Me, Garth, my daughter Kate, Garth's sister, Mary, my sister Carrie, her partner, Paul, Carrie's son - (the birthday boy), Lee

The rest of the team - my daughter, Kate, son, Max and husband, Sam who helped keep things running smoothly!

Kate was put to work creating estate sale signs.

Had Sam take a couple of pics at the beginning of the sale.

No, I'M not for sale. (or, hang on a sec, at least, I don't THINK I am! - Lemme think it over.....Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe make me an OFFER.)

Carrie with Lee's Dad, Garth. We were SO happy he was in town from Vancouver to help with the estate sale!

No matter WHAT the cirumstances, Garth ALWAYS brings laughter to the scene. When my husband got home and loaded these pics, he called to tell me he was surprised to discover that Garth, (of The Nylons!) was making funny faces in the background! (click on pic to enlarge and check it out!)

My old high school pal, Dean Rogers, dropped by the sale and picked up a few items. Sam took a pic of the two of us.

Dean is very supportive of my family! Looking at this shot, had to laugh. We've certainly got the market cornered on blue eyes!

My great friend, Bonnie Laufer Krebs, (former Global TV producer and current interviewer/producer at Tribute - the movie magazine), also dropped by the sale. We had a quick, but fun visit!

At one point during the sale, I noticed a man had picked up Mum's Lawrence of Arabia LP. (Mum's FAVOURITE movie of ALL-time). I chatted with this man, showing him ALL the Lawrence stuff she'd collected over the years. He took more of it. Carrie & I were thrilled that someone who gives-a-damn about T.E. Lawrence, got these precious items. This young man was in Mum's home for close to an hour. At one point, Garth sat down at the piano and played. The young man said to me, "You know something? This is a very classy sale!" - (you're telling ME bucko!!) Garth continued to play and I told the buyer he was listening to a member of The Nylons! I yelled out to Garth,"Sing something, to PROVE you're a Nylon!" At that point, Garth launched into a hilarious version of "I Dream of Genie with the Light Brown Hair!" (which I'd never heard him sing before!) The man seemed suitably impressed and hung out a while for the entertainment!

All of us finally took time for lunch - sandwiches made by Carrie & me, plus lemonade and ice tea!

Another buyer purchased Mum's beautiful patio furniture for a store he runs downtown on King Street. Lee helped load the heavy items into his car. A few minutes later, the man RETURNED - (for no apparent reason), at Mum's front door. He came back, solely to tell us, "Thank you. I want to say, you are a very special family." (Sure wish Mum could have been there).

Still another lady told us she LOVED a gigantic, EXTREMELY heavy embroidered "canvas" of artwork. Carrie & I KNEW it was a truly phenomenal piece. The woman wanted it, but we weren't sure what the value was, but told her we'd get back to her asap to let her know what we learned. Minutes later, got called to meet these same people again. (THIS time they mean business!)

They WANTED that embroidered rooster piece! The woman - (a real estate agent in the area), told us she didn't know WHY, but that this piece, "Touches my heart." She lost her own Mum only a few weeks before and for whatever reason, wanted this work. We made a deal and Lee lugged it into the back of their car. Really hope they enjoy it, as that rooster has been in our family for MANY decades! (may you crow loudly in a new home!)

Still another man, (a family acquaintance), came by and ended up buying a TON of Mum's REALLY old 78 records! (he's a longtime sound man!) Since very few people still purchase 78s, we were thrilled to have someone, who will really enjoy them, take them home. This man actually knew my DAD (Rex Loring), back in his long-running CBC radio days. He & his wife ended up buying LOTS of obscure items, which we hope will entertain them for decades to come!
OK. Before signing off, let's see that face Lee. (you know, the one where you imitate your Dad so perfectly)?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, it's a wrap! Estate sale over. Tons of stuff still leftover. What to do. Will figure it all out soon. Following the sale, Lee got his party afterall!

(left to right) - Paul, Carrie (peaking out), Robert, Franc, Mary, Garth & Lee - They partied it up at a restaurant in Yorkville! Thanks for everything gang, and cheers Lee! What a day!

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