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May 22/11

So, my Canon camera is gone. Spent hours today driving back to all the places I went, retracing my steps, hoping to find it. Posted ads, made phone calls, talked to people in stores, visited the lost & found at The Bay, shops on Augusta Avenue, and ended up driving home, in tears. Someone has a great new camera now and I'll never even get to see the shots I took at Kate's concert yesterday.

The GOOD news is, Sam came through again in the crunch, (which is why he's so good at his job in crisis management). When I got home, he quoted my blog motto from the other day, "Move on!!" Once he came to terms with the fact that the camera is lost forever, he told me he'd made a decision. He'll give me HIS old one, (which is the same as the one I lost, so I'll be able to use it without "retraining!"), and will order a new one for himself. (We'll call it THIS year's wedding anniversary gift)! I'm SO happy to have a camera again. Thank you Sam, for putting up with a wife who endlessly loses things at the drop of a hat. (including hats).

In the meantime, I DO have video I shot at Kate's show at Aspetta in Kensington Market. She did a terrific performance (and was joined by her brother, Max, on a couple of numbers). The stage faces out towards the street noise (including motorcycles racing by), but the sound is still pretty good.

Kate is an expert at writing personal, real life drama in her songs. Each one opens you up to a world of crushes, dating, kissing, flirtations, the electricity of first love, angst and breakups.

One of my favourites is called Used To Be Mine. The first time she played it for me, of course I cried. I wondered how someone this young could have written lyrics so truthful, sad, painful and poignant. Then I remembered. Right. She's 19. (The time when all that intense drama unfolds and plays out, bigtime!)

Kate sings Used To Be Mine - At Aspetta - May 21/11

Guess I'm just a proud Mum, but I really feel that's a beautiful, heartfelt song. Later in the show, Max accompanied her for The Beatles'
I Should Have Known Better. Love it - (especially when they sing, "WHOA!!")

Max & Kate take on I Should Have Known Better - Aspetta - May 21/11

I have pretty amazing and talented kids.

Turning to my own situation - next week I'll be hitting Princess Margaret Hospital for several important appointments to assess my future treatment. For a long while, I was channeling Charlie Sheen's "Winning!" philosophy to keep me on track and feel in fighting mode against cancer. With everything coming up, I thought maybe I'll put aside the Sheen shirt for a few days. I need something new that resonates a little more in my soul. Women have often talked to me about "retail therapy". Not really my thing, but once in a while, you've just gotta have something new!

Have always loved denim, down & dirty, so went after it with a vengeance on Saturday and put a few items on plastic. I hated most of the stuff I saw, but finally found a couple of things to help "empower" me for next week. Kate took some shots to showcase the denim.

Trying out new Hue flare leggings - love them!

And new dark denim jacket (ready for my radiation closeup?)

Also bought a new MAC lipstick, which I'm wearing in the above pics. (had to laugh when I discovered the name of it is "Bombshell!")

Got a couple of other cute clothing items too. Will reveal them soon!
Now I still feel I'll be "Winning!" (even if Charlie isn't around). Where the heck IS he when you need him anyway? Just like the Cowardly Lion, I guess he hightailed it outta here for parts unknown. Catch ya later, Charlie!

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