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May 15/11

Today, I'm going to a special baby shower for my beautiful cousin, Sacha! I still clearly remember the day she was born, on March 16th, 1984. Now, SHE'LL become a Mum in June!

Her Dad is my cousin, Kevan Staples, (forever known as co-founder of Rough Trade - along with the fabulous Carole Pope!), and a guy I've loved dearly my whole life! Hard to believe, he will soon be a Grampa!

Sacha and her Dad, Kevan

Just FYI, the above picture was taken long before she was expecting, but as you can see, she'll be the prettiest Mum ever!

Sacha's proud Mum, Marilyn Kiewiet, is throwing the wingding this afternoon. Knowing her supreme skills as a decorator, party planner and hostess, it's bound to be a blast! And Sacha's baby-to-be will receive MANY amazing gifts. I had a ton-o-fun picking out our baby prezzies and I'm looking forward to meeting the new baby in the family next month!

By the way, the Toronto Star announced a Battle of the Bands contest in the Entertainment section of the paper yesterday. Congrats to Rough Trade for being picked as one of the 32 best Toronto bands EVER! It's now up to readers to vote! Go Rough Trade!

Rough Trade's Carole Pope & Kevan Staples

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