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May 17/11

Today, it was my pleasure to do something way out of the ordinary for me. I went to lunch at the Bloor Street Diner with five old friends - each of these lovely ladies, remarkably accomplished in the world of entertainment, publicity and P.R., all brilliant, successful, overflowing with great humour, pizzazz and personality. You couldn't ASK for a more colourful group.

I was last to arrive (what else is new?) - and promptly burst into tears upon just seeing the sweet faces of these women I knew so well, but somehow, seems a lifetime ago I was working with them all. Got hugs from everyone.

One of these ladies, - the delightful and effervescent Bonnie Laufer Krebs, was my producer at Global TV for many years. She's tops on my list of greatest friends I've ever had as well as the list of best women I've ever KNOWN!

As Executive Producer at Tribute Entertainment Media Group, she travels all over the U.S. and Canada doing movie star interviews for Tribute (the movie magazine and website), is the mother of two teenage boys, Ethan and Jared, and never stops. I'd like to drop by her place one of these days and borrow a cup of energy. Can't count the times Bonnie and I have laughed or cried together.

Bonnie takes a bath - I'll alert the media!

In March, Bonnie attended the movie junket for the new version of Arthur, starring Russell Brand. The "junketeers" had the chance to pose for pics in "Arthur's bathtub". LOVE this shot of Bonnie and the bubbles!

I think Russell is enjoying seeing Bonnie in the bath!

Anne Brodie is another longtime friend. Knowledgeable movie reviewer/writer/former TV reporter at CFTO, - extremely funny and acerbic, but behind it all, a heart of gold. Has been kind, caring and sympathetic in every situation through all of our years together.

The other ladies, I don't know quite as well, but have worked with all of them in some capacity during my years in the TV biz.

Marilynne Friedman - Senior Publicist, Royal Ontario Museum, a beautiful woman, whom we all agreed, hasn't changed one iota in decades! She made a couple of revelations - she's wearing braces on her teeth for the first time, AND, her daughter is about to go to Israel on the same trip as Bonnie's son, Ethan! (They don't know each other,- yet - but after this trip, they may come back as best friends!)

Virginia Kelly (VK & Associates). I can't count the number of interviews Virginia arranged during the 18 years I was at Global. She was ever-helpful and knows the movie publicity industry inside and out. Sadly, didn't get to speak to her at length because she was at the other end of the table! But SO nice to see her again.

Nancy Yu - Independent Public Relations and Communications specialist - owner of NYU Communications (her own firm). She still often works with Virginia Kelly and is recognized for her great work with Hot Docs. I was sitting directly across from Nancy and had a lot of laughs. She lives blocks away from me in Riverdale. We discussed some crazy things - besides Hot Docs, we covered hot FLASHES, exercise,(or lack thereof), running shoes, mothers, mid-life crisis - (which I feel I'm caught in the midst of - although, if it's a mid-life crisis, I would have to live to be 110!), the changing business of media, and on and on.

In between chatting, we all had fabulous food - (and YES, I DID eat gang!) Had salmon, asparagus and the Diner's famous frites (we ALL had those, of course!) First meal I've actually felt like having in quite some time, so hopefully, will help boost my weight from this all-time low of 103.

When it was time to leave, we all hugged goodbye and went our separate ways. I wandered out into the Manulife Centre, again, in tears. (I SURE know how to cry! Just wish I could get PAID for it!) Partly it was from the nostalgia of the whole thing, but also because I was the only one there, no longer connected to the business. Haven't been "out there", the way they are, in seven years. Just HEARING about their high-profile, (high-stress jobs), had me shaking and wondering if I could EVER do that kind of work again. I'm in awe of these women who have worked so hard and stuck it out so long in a very tough industry. Is it possible I could still be "one of them", had it not been for other circumstances that got in the way?

In the meantime, when asked about MY life, I told them I'm oh so very busy, dropping dryer sheets into the washing machine, being hit on by homeless men outside the grocery store, feeding raccoons, writing a very strange blog, hanging out at Princess Margaret Hospital from time to time, and talking to amazing people on the phone, and especially, via email! - (several of whom have helped me immeasurably with the wild, uplifting, witty, raunchy, funny, silly, sexy, sizzling things they have to say!) Just keep bringing it on!!

Thanks gang, for a great visit today and I wish all of you nothing but the best!


(Oh, and Arthur, - could you ring for some champagne??)

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