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Big time loser!! - (with a side order of Jack Lemmon)

May 21/11

I'm just SOOOOOOOO sad, upset and mad at myself today. Lost my Canon Elph digital camera, which I just LOVED. It's been such a blast using it to take pictures for the blog. And only a few days ago, I FINALLY learned how to download the pics from it to my site.

Today, went to see my daughter, Kate, perform in a solo show in Kensington Market. Wrote some notes for the blog and took a bunch of great shots. Kate took a few of me in the midst of the crowds out on Augusta Avenue and I took a few of Max and his girlfriend Robyn. Later, after driving Max and Robyn to our place, headed off to The Bay for a few items.

The second I arrived, - just got off the escalator, when suddenly a woman fell on the floor, right in front of me. I raced to help her and then, my cell phone crashed to the ground and broke into bits. The woman was laughing and crying at the same time. She'd hurt her knee, but was sorry my cell phone split apart. I told her it happens all the time! Once a Bay employee and I got her to her feet again, she seemed OK. I asked the Bay guy if he could try to put my cell phone back together, and he DID! But I think it's possible, I lost the camera there in all the commotion. I know there's NO chance of ever getting it back, (OR all the cool pics), but I'm going to try and retrace my steps on Sunday at noon (when they open). I stupidly didn't have any I.D. on it, and I'm sure anyone who finds it will just enjoy a new camera. Sam is not happy (as it was his gift to me for our 25th wedding anniversary a few years ago) - But anything HE's feeling, can't be topped by me, as right about now, I feel like jumping off a bridge. (but since the "Rapture" is supposed to be upon us, might as well wait it out).

***UPDATE: I'm still here as of the morning after Rapture, so, that's a good sign, (I think!)

Sooooooooo.....anyway - to get my mind off all this crap, I am now going to think of someone I really like! Already told you about Dudley Moore a few days ago. Today - Oscar winning actor Jack Lemmon!

A youthful Jack!

Friends have often told me I should write a book about the celebs I've encountered over the decades. I know that'll never happen, so it's fun to have this outlet to talk about a few of my faves!

Anyone who knows me, knows Jack is my all-time favourite actor. It started when I first saw him dance at the bottom of an empty swimming pool with Catherine Deneuve in The April Fools (1969). That was it for me. God he was cute. (and Catherine? - just stunning).

Jack came to Toronto in 1978 to star in the play Tribute at the Royal Alex Theatre. P.R. man extraordinaire, (the late) Gino Empry, arranged a radio interview with Jack for me. I was a nervous wreck, but I met him and I was in love. (ya, I know. I fell in love a lot).

Crazy about Jack Lemmon - 1978

But Jack was different. In MY mind, as a movie fan, NO ONE was better than Jack. You'll never convince me that he wasn't the greatest actor EVER!

Every time I went to Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, I always had to find his hand and footprints.

First time seeing Jack's prints - 1973 - just sat there in awe

Next time, I was able to actually touch the cement! Sigh

I was also crazy about Marilyn Monroe, so when I first saw Jack in Some Like it Hot opposite Marilyn, it started a lifelong love affair with the movie. It's always been in my top 10 list of films and my favourite scene is the one in which Jack (dressed as Daphne), finds himself in bed with Sugar (Marilyn). - Later, ALL the female band members end up crowding into his berth for a party. True confessions here. - I absolutely KNOW this scene is the reason I've always had a fantasy to make love in the upper berth of a moving train! (never happened! In fact, I've never even been ON a train - except the subway, and somehow, that just doesn't do it for me). Youtube won't let me upload the scene, but here's a pic, and you can click here to see the video!

"Daphne" is surprised to find "Sugar" in bed with him!

I was forever trying to copy Marilyn's style - especially that famous white-dress-blowing scene from The Seven Year Itch.

Lain "tries" to copy Marilyn's look - in Vegas - 1979

Dismal attempt (1975) to get my Marilyn dress to "billow"! Boyfriend Bruce was running the fan!

Around the same time Jack did the theatrical run of Tribute at the Royal Alex, he also made the movie version of the play, starring Lee Remick, Robby Benson and Kim Cattrall. Much of the film was shot in Toronto and the cast returned to town for the premiere. I was working at CFTR Radio and had a ticket to cover the big film extravaganza.

Once again, P.R. man Gino Empry was there, "directing media traffic." As I was about to enter the theatre, I heard someone call my name. I immediately recognized the voice. It was Jack. I turned around and he said to me, "Elaine, after we intro the film screening, a bunch of us are going out for dinner. Would you like to cut out and join us?" My brain couldn't even process this question, but all I said was, it wasn't possible, because my news director, Robert Holiday, had arranged to pay a hundred bucks for my preview ticket so I could review the movie. (What the hell? I was turning Jack Lemmon down??? Apparently, I did).

I like to think he looked crestfallen. He and the cast entered the theatre to thunderous applause, I took my seat, watched the movie (which I adored), but never got to slip out for dinner with Jack.

Meanwhile, Gino (a pal for many years), had another trick up his sleeve. At the cast party afterwards, he approached me and promised "an exclusive" in Jack's suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. I was astonished. He didn't let me down. When all the autographs had been signed and media pics taken, Gino escorted a few friends to Jack's presidential suite, and there I was with my stupid little tape recorder and microphone. Gino cleared the room, Jack and I had a brandy together, sitting at the private bar in the room and he sat and talked to me all about Tribute, Some Like it Hot, Marilyn Monroe, his son, Chris (who was involved in drugs at the time), and anything else I cared to ask. It really felt like some kind of dream.

When I turned the tape recorder off, and thanked him, he asked me, "Could I just?....." - and without finishing his sentence, leaned over and kissed me. Oh my Lord. This is JACK LEMMON!! It only lasted a few seconds, but Wow! Gino reappeared, called a cab for me and I headed home, exclusive tape in hand, and (exclusive) kiss on my lips!

Years later, I met Jack one more time. I interviewed him in California onboard a ship (nope, not a train!) - to talk about his movie, Out to Sea, (1997), co-starring his old pal, Walter Matthau. I asked him everything I could in the short time we were given to talk. He was always such a great man to exchange ideas with, so warm, charming and unassuming.

I never mentioned having met him that night all those years ago in Toronto, and I'm sure he didn't remember. But I didn't care. I got to see and talk to him again once more before he passed away in 2001. (and naturally, as the Jack Lemmon fanatic of the world, I was the one to prepare the obit for Global TV). Thanks for everything Jack! You're always in my heart.

Jack and Lain shipboard - 1997 - "Out to Sea"

And just one more thing - click here to see my OTHER favorite Jack Lemmon scene from Some Like It Hot. Daphne dances the tango with Osgoode Fielding the 3rd! Jack told me he never found a better dance partner than Joe E. Brown! Olé!

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