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May 16/11

Feeling MUCH better today! Queasy stomach OK, healthy "glow" returning, strength improving, arm not hurting nearly as much, things seem to be healing, actually had some food, enjoyed a lot of laughs, some crazy times in the grocery store and even a funny situation in the laundry room!

Yes, strength is coming back, but brain - still a bit wacky. Actually tossed a DRYER sheet into the WASHING machine! (that's a first!) - but at least I got a laugh out of it! - What the hell?

Lain! Don't ya know the dryer sheet goes in the DRYER? Duh!

Then, later, lugged a yellow box of PC laundry detergent to the basement, only to discover it was a yellow box of LAWN BAGS! (Too bad there's no lawn in the laundry room!) If anything, it had me in hysterics. Some people I know have referred to this as "chemo brain," - but I haven't even HAD chemo, - so what's MY excuse?

No Lain! Those are Lawn & Garden bags on the right!

Wish I could tell this story to Mum, as she would have commented, it was a "senior moment."

I think (or HOPE), it's just a "life moment."

Drove the car a few places without too much pain trouble. Picked Max up from a drum lesson. Cooked a simple dinner. Talked to a fun friend via email tonight - (nothing like an old friend to lift your spirits!)

Things are looking up!!

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At May 17, 2011 at 2:29 a.m. , Blogger Joanne said...

Anyone could make the same mistake...


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