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September 14/11.

Nothing like waking up at 10:30 a.m. (after getting just two hours sleep), and suddenly realizing your hospital appointment is scheduled for 10:30 a.m., - and you now have less than 30 seconds to get there! (which of course, is not possible).

That's what happened on Tuesday. Thankfully, I had fallen asleep in my clothes, so was able to grab my gear, jump in the car, rush to Princess Margaret Hospital and arrive just 20 minutes later. Miraculously, the doc I've dubbed "The Nutty Professor" (because he reminds me so much of the Jerry Lewis version of "Julius Kelp" in my fave old comedy), was running late too, so I didn't miss anything!

While there, I ran into a friend in the waiting room and found out she has been battling breast cancer for over a year. In my already shaky and exhausted state, I broke into tears upon hearing her story, (which included the dreaded chemo I had so fortunately avoided). My empathy levels are apparently on major overload. Just couldn't seem to stop crying.

Once in the examination room, the doc checked the surgical site and told me things seem to be coming along fine, but that I have fat necrosis (delightful). Ever since the surgery, I've had this hard area in the right breast - kind of feels the way I imagine an implant would feel! I looked up fat necrosis and this is the description.
Breast fat necrosis is a lump that forms in the breast due to fat cells that have either been damaged or degenerated. This condition is caused by trauma to the breast. Any type of blow to the breast or fall which results in bruising may further lead to necrosis. Many times the lump will form with a bruising or redness around it. It is also common for patients who have recently undergone a lumpectomy to develop breast necrosis. The same is true for radiation therapy.

This condition happens more often in obsese women (but I weigh 96 pounds). The doc thinks I should gain some weight. He wants me to buy Ensure. Even hearing THAT kind of had me upset, because it made me remember when doctors advised me I should buy Ensure for my Mum! At any rate, the Nutty Professor gave me a series of follow-up appointments with the radiation oncologist and to have various scans done. Meanwhile, I stay on Tamoxifen for five years and the breast remains sore, and some areas still completely numb, (from the cutting to remove a lymph node), almost five months after surgery.

Since I dashed to the hospital in such a rush, I forgot to bring my camera, so couldn't take any pictures there. (a lucky thing, since I looked like a bedraggled wreck). THIS shot was taken hours later, after a vanilla shower, and the whole hair routine and makeup-applied-in-the-war-room-with-a-garden-trowel. (I am SO low maintenance....NOT!)

Later on in the day, I went back to Aldo, downtown on Yonge Street, to pick up the shoes I ordered. There was only one pair in my size and they had to bring them in from the Scarborough Town Centre store for me to try.

I returned the original ones I had settled on last week, after falling in love with these kick-ass Marilyn Monroe ones. (they were on sale, - 30 percent off and were cheaper than the ones I returned! - WINNING!!) The pic was taken by a lady named Ashley who offered to help me show off the shoes!

Picked up Swiss Chalet takeout on Yonge Street for Sam, Kate, Max and Damian for dinner. Just couldn't seem to bring myself to even fathom the idea of cooking. In fact, I really hate cooking with a passion. (Could I just NOT to do it for the rest of my life please)??

Hey, my horoscope for today says: Your fatigue is high, and you could be overwhelmed by everything that is going on. (gee, ya think?)

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