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September 10/11.

Since my daughter, Kate, made the choice (unexpected, at least, to ME), to leave Ryerson University on the very first day, I've been a bit discombobulated. It's her choice, but it just surprised me.

I used money given to me by Mum, back in 1995, to launch RESPs for both Kate & Max and put tiny amounts of cash into the fund every month since then. Wasn't much, but enough to get Kate kick-started into year one as of September 6th, 2011. We'd paid the tuition and bought books, but then, the change of mind, so we had to spring into action to put a halt to everything, head over to Ryerson to get paperwork signed, get money back and return books. It was a madhouse there. SO many students, in SO many massive lineups for all different things.

The RESP money will be returned for now, and we'll use it some other time, if Kate decides to choose another educational avenue down the road someday. We'll see!

Then I got in trouble from THIS woman for taking pictures. She wasn't too helpful.

However, on the flip side, there were several AMAZING people we met who WERE EXTREMELY helpful. Daniel Anderchek, ACS program assistant gave us some invaluable tips. Thank you Daniel for all you did for us to speed up the process. And a woman named Brenda in student enrollment services was also most impressive. I thank her too.

We managed to get everything done, except for returning the books. After waiting in line for about 45 minutes, it turned out, we didn't have the proper form, proving that Kate was no longer officially a student at Ryerson, so they couldn't reimburse us the money. We have to wait for the paperwork to arrive in the mail, then go back to the bookstore to return the books and be reimbursed. Never a dull moment.

Maybe Kate will have more free time to help her Uncle Kev with computer stuff now! LOL. (just kidding Kate. His iPad is working FINE now!! - Thanks to you!)

Anyway, after all that, Kate and I walked up Yonge Street, did some shopping, bought some clothes at American Apparel and then went to Salad King to get some take-out Thai food to bring home for dinner. Everything they make there is SO delicious! Sam loves the pad thai, so I bought some of that, as well as seafood rice and some of their fabulous spring rolls.

FYI, the dress I'm wearing was something I bought to take to Fern Resort for our vacation there in August, but then, accidentally left it at home in a garment bag, filled with all the clothing I planned to wear there. Doh! So, I was damned if I wasn't going to wear it at least ONCE before summer is over! I like it for the pastel colours and because it's so floaty. Makes me feel good to wear it.

On the way home, we ended up spotting our buddies, Aubrey & Dana Bolton (brothers from the east coast) outside our local LCBO. I've written about them several times. THIS time, I asked them to play their signature song, Farewell Nova Scotia for us. Kate recorded it for me. I think they're really good! And nice guys too! They always ask me how Kevan is doing at rehab. (Kev has met them too, since he lives in the area). I will visit Kevio on Saturday to see if there's anything I can do for him, or bring him, to help in his recovery. At any rate, take it away Aubrey and Dana!

Aubrey and Dana Bolton

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