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September 8/11.

Due to many reasons, was not in a good state on Wednesday. Intensity Entity seems to have bailed, leaving me with as little energy as possible -(which has me reeling, since I'm not used to this lack of zest and zeal).

When Kevan called, telling me he's got a chest cold (which is no surprise, considering he's surrounded by sick people at Bridgepoint), and asked if I could bring him Vitamin C and Zinc tablets from the Carrot Common, I decided to go immediately, and also to get him a bagel and cream cheese from Tim Horton's, newspapers - and a smoothie from No Frills (since he has been so deprived of his favourite morning fruit drinks).

Won't tell you, (oh, what the hell, why not?), - wearing makeup from the day before, a beret on my head to camouflage the bad-hair-day, with only fresh clothes to even indicate a new day, I headed for the Danforth.

Stopped to buy the shoes I tried to get on the weekend (only one pair left in my size), but my debit card wouldn't go through. This time, returned, paid cash and finally ended up with the pair.

One of the views from Kevan's 5th floor room.

This view of the DVP from the corner window where there's a lounge, a TV and a fish aquarium.

Luckily, Kevan has his iPad to connect with the world. He even Skyped with his wife Marilyn, daughter, Sacha, granddaughter, Sienna and Sienna's Dad, Mark, in Malta this morning!

Meanwhile, Kev got his Vitamin C and Zinc tablets, which should keep the cold at bay!! I hope!

Lots of other important stuff on the go, including Kate's decision to withdraw from Ryerson University.

She wants to pursue other avenues and interests. Of course, we support any choice she makes, but as her Mum, it doesnt mean I worry any less about her and her future.

But I have to stop that, because I know she will be successful, WHATEVER she does in this world. Kate, I love you so much!!

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