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September 11/11

What a bizarre, sad and solemn day for so many people. Not only is it the 10-year anniversary of the horrific 9/11, and all of those thoughts, memories and losses,

but also the birthday of my late Uncle Ev (first one without him) - he would have been 98 today. While at Auntie Ray's place yesterday, I took a photo of the two shots she has of him, sitting on a table. One as he was not long before he died and one from his younger days. No matter what the age, he was always so handsome and I miss him every day.

Every September 11th, my Mum would ask to be taken to see Ev for his birthday, so she could give him presents and a card with a heartfelt message. Either Carrie or I would drive her there so we could all celebrate together.

Mum, Uncle Ev & Auntie Ray outside their former house at 114 Birch Avenue. This was the last time they were together. Mum passed away in October of 2010 and Uncle Ev died less than two months later, in December.

Uncle Ev in all his gorgeous glory.

Though I'm very sad Uncle Ev is gone, I feel so lucky and blessed to have had him in my life so long, while others, who suffered 9/11 a decade ago, lost family and friends far too early and in such an unfair and horrendous manner. I am thinking of all of those in the world who are suffering today due to the repercussions of 9/11. May you be brought some kind of peace by the thought that we all feel and share your pain, today, and always.

On a sweeter note, today is also my daughter, Kate's 6-month anniversary with her handsome boyfriend, Damian.

She is in love and Damian has been a blessing in our lives too! Congrats you two!

Meanwhile, Kate and I had a nice time at Auntie Ray's Christie Gardens condo.

We even managed to get a spot in the parking lot, which is almost unheard of on a weekend!

As always, - great conversation with Auntie Ray. We talked a lot about Uncle Ev, his birthday today and our many many memories. There were a few tears, but mostly laughs, over the crazy things he would do, the fantastic, funny times we had with him and just thinking about his myriad of incredible talents.

Auntie Ray and Kate compared rings. They both love to wear them.

Kate showed off her new sapphire ring, ordered from eBay. Right away, Auntie Ray said, "Just like Princess Diana's"!!

Auntie Ray told me I have officially become her surrogate daughter, which is fine with me, since I need a Mummy!!

I took a few more photos of some of the paintings at Auntie Ray's place.

This is a portrait Auntie Ray painted of Ev when he was young.

And in exchange, this portrait was painted by Uncle Ev when Ray was young!

In Auntie Ray's whimsical bedroom,

...there are signs of Uncle Ev all over the place.

including the fantastic painting done for them by their lifelong friend, the masterful artist, Garth Haines and presented to them as a gift.

Remembering 9/11 in my own way today.

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