Lain's Log

Basement cleanup!!

September 2/11.

On Thursday afternoon, the view of the deck below our kitchen looked like this. Stacked with stuff to be hauled away. (and this wasn't even the HALF of it!) - Couldn't fathom getting it all done in time for the junk men.

One minute, I was standing in the middle of all this mess.

Ai Carumba!

Lo & behold, the next! - GONE! - Wow!!!

Introducing, - The cleanup crew!!!

Adorable Sebastian Paez and his cutie Dad, Rafael Paez of Star Junk Removal. Once they caught a glimpse of the junk we had to be collected, they changed their price, - (but I KNEW that would happen! - SO MUCH STUFF!!) - But worth every penny! For sure.

Since they're strong, this may LOOK easy, but it took about 40 trips over 90 minutes time to get everything moved from our backyard into the truck.

As Sondheim would say, "Bit by bit, piece by piece - putting it together", and soon, there was hardly a nook or cranny left to be had in that vehicle! Gak.

And to quote Mel Brooks, "When ya got it....flaunt it!" We did. Haul it away guys! - Bye bye!

Ya, I know. Still some stuff left. (like The Cat in the Hat!) - But come onnnnnnnnnnnnn! You HAVE to leave me SOMETHING!! (And admit that it looks a whole lot better)!!

Even the crawlspace under the basement stairs - this is all that's left!

And may I point out, it was my husband, SAM, who HIRED this duo. I had NOTHING to do with it. Sam hung up the phone from speaking with them and RAVED about Sebastian, saying what a nice guy he was, and on and on. And lemme tell ya, he WAS ladies! I would recommend him any day!!

I mean, seriously! What's not to like??

So. I stayed up ALL night to get this gig together. Now, it's done, and everything is as it should be!! Thanks for your hard work and dedication Sebastian and Rafael! May need to call you again sometime soon. - (Sam, you know I'm kiddin' ya, right)??

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