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September 5/11.

Happy "official" birthday today to my incredible Mum-in-law, Jean Bornstein! Have a great year! You look beautiful!!

We all celebrated her on Saturday, but today is the REAL day. (the ONE GOOD THING ABOUT LABOUR DAY MONDAY!!) Hope it's a great one for you Mum! You do SO much for everyone and deserve a special day just for YOU!! So much love coming your way from me, Sam, Kate & Max. xxxxoooo

It was also my son, Max's, six-month anniversary with his gorgeous girlfriend, Robyn. He asked me weeks ago to make a reservation for him at the "CN-top-of-the-tower" restaurant. I did, and they had a blast. They are so in love.

I tell ya, when you have a baby, it's hard to envision a day when that little bundle of joy is suddenly taking HIS girlfriend out for an anniversary date. But it happens. Pics to prove it!

Max has his own unique style and I love it. The tux ensemble, paired with his John Lennon black cap. (I have been a sucker for John Lennon caps since the sixties. In fact, I think I am going to buy one for myself).

Oh, John. How we all miss you. What a fabulous shot. Don't think I EVER saw this one before.

Or this one either!!

Now, back to reality.

Is Robyn not absolutely STUNNING? - Is it any wonder my son is smitten?

And she is as sweet as she is beautiful. I drove them to the CN Tower and wanted to take a photo at the base of the building, but, there is no place to stop and shoot. Luckily, Max had the CN Tower photog snap a pic at the the top of the restaurant. I will ask Sam to scan, so I can post it.

Robyn, we've enjoyed sharing the summer with you. Hate that it's back-to-school time! What will you guys learn this month? - Math? Science? - Or, if Max had his way, it would be just much-needed advice from M*A*S*H" repeats, like, what Dr. Sidney Freedman, - (Allan Arbus), has to say.

(always loved Dr. Sidney).

Posing with Max before his anniversary date.

After dropping Max and Robyn at the tower, took some much-needed time to myself. Hung out downtown, to people-watch and window-shop. It started to rain. Had no umbrella.

(why do I EVER bother to even TRY to fix my hair?? - Pretty much pointless). Oh well. It was fun anyway.

On Monday, "Uncle Kev" has asked Kate to come over to Bridgepoint to help him figure out his iPad AND get it going so he can work his musical magic! Should be interesting. I'll be joining them, since I know Kevan will need a bagel and cream cheese sandwich and a coffee!

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