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Back-to-school! - (Gak!)

September 6/11.

Hours from back-to-school for the kids.
Crap. Hate it. As Carrie & I, always said, - every year when it was time to return the day after Labour Day, "It SMELLS nervous out." (and it DOES).
That brisk, chilly feeling in the air just FEELS shaky.

We can't STAND the fact that the summer laughs are over and
the fun of just hanging out with our kids for 2-and-a-half months, doing whatever we wanted, - (well, except for my medical appointments), is finito.

Goodbye summer of '11. It's been quite the friggin' road trip, lemme tell ya.

Did nothing today but try to prepare for a return to "normal life," (whatever the hell THAT is!) Took Kate to visit Uncle Kev at Bridgepoint Rehab this aft so she could help him with some computer woes. Because Kate is brilliant with computers, she had it all straightened out in NO time.

Guess they both got the memo to wear red. (Kev has ALWAYS said,
"Red goes with EVERYTHING"!!!)

Can't help but love that my 19-year-old daughter,

is giving tips to my cuz, ("Mr. Rough Trade")!

Kev rough-traded in his iPad for an iPad w3g (I have NO idea what I'm talking about). Since Bridgepoint has NO Wifi, he wants to be able to Skype with his family in Malta, so needed this new contraption.

Kev has three roommates. The one right across from him is Leo, who likes to watch TV, at all times. I asked if he would allow me to use his lunch table to take this auto photo!

Leo said it would be his honour to have his table take this shot with Kevan, (who has become his new best pal)!!

After we got all the technology straightened out, we went outside in the courtyard (which today, was FREEZING),

so Kev could have a mini-cigar and enjoy the fresh air. (I know, juxtaposition here!)

In the meantime, Sam scanned that CN Tower restaurant shot that Max and Robyn ordered at their 6-month anniversary date on Sunday night. Nice pic!

Have a blast back at school everyone!!

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