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September 7/11.

No time for a new photo shoot today, so using this pic.

Pretty much translates to about how I felt, sending the kids off for another year of school. Melancholia. (What's with all these other parents jumping for joy about "empty nesting")? I don't GET that at ALL.

Below, Max, (16), heading off for the first day of grade 11.
Good luck Sweet!

He didn't want me to drive him there. Instead, he chose to walk off, listening to music and get to class on his own - (for only a half-day).

Meanwhile, Kate took off for her first day at Ryerson SO early, I didn't even SEE her in the morning! Her initial class was at 8 a.m.
The only pic she managed to get - (taken, by her boyfriend, Damian, I think), she was concerned because she blinked. Oh well. At least you can see her outfit! She looks so pretty.

After everyone left, and I was alone, able to breathe, I crashed for a little while, getting an hour or so of sleep, (which I didn't get all night). Sleep eludes me. (Duh). That is for sure. Had an interesting dream, which is how I know I was asleep. Right in the middle of the best part, I got a cell phone call which woke me up. (Thanks). It is always the same person who wakes me up, who shall remain nameless.

After the shower/hair/makeup routine, did a bunch of errands, and then, put together a package of stuff to take to Kev at Bridgepoint rehab. The man has been without decent food OR wine OR beer for weeks. I wanted to make it happen for him, so, got a big bag of ice and a plastic lunch box. Packed it with icecubes, stashed in a container of freshly prepared, sweetened strawberries, -

(with no-cal sweetener and lemon juice, which "tarts up" the berries perfectly), the way Kev likes them,

and tossed in two piccolos of my OWN fave - Henkell sparkling wine, (and a couple of clear plastic glasses for camouflage)!

Kev was just about to have dinner (which they serve at the crazy friggin' early hour of 5 p.m.), and I figured the Henkell could ALMOST make bland cafeteria fare, palatable!

(guess I was right!!) - Kev's roommate, Leo, was laughing, as I used another lunch table to hold up the camera for this shot. I told Leo, he has the best roommate ever. (he wisely agreed). Leo has been in Bridgepoint for at least 8 weeks, and just like Kevan, he takes it all in stride.

Kev had just arrived back from a very frustrating meeting with Wheel Trans, trying to figure out how he can arrange transportation from hospital to office - to work on his music, but was told it will take weeks to arrange this. He needs it NOW! How do people DO these things when they are under such duress?

I brought Kev some newspapers and the latest People magazine, all about the children of 9/11 (at the ten-year anniversary).

Strangely, September 11th, was also Kevan's Dad's birthday (my amazing Uncle Ev). I remember delivering birthday gifts to him at his house the day of the 9/11 disaster. We all just sat and stared in shock at the TV coverage, while his prezzies sat in a corner. Kev and I talk about his Dad a lot and how much we miss him in our lives every day.

The late, great Uncle Ev, who passed away last December. (He would have been 98 on September 11th).

Next, it was off to do grocery shopping for me at No Frills. (very exciting!)

After getting the groceries away, was able to Skype with my old friend John Axelson, in Nelson, B.C. for about an hour, which was a blast.

Got to tell him my latest comments and ask all my questions about his manuscript, Stalker The Average Man.

John gave me lots of surprising answers (as always), and told me if I liked what I was reading NOW, there is much more intriguing stuff to come. Yikes! I don't know if I can TAKE it!!!!!

Not much else to say, except, get better Kev! See you soon, on Wednesday. if there's anything you need or want, I'm sure I can get it for you!

Or not. If there's NOTHING you need, just hit delete and will see you later anyway! These are sure some wild & crazy times.

While at the giftshop, bought this oh-so-pretty, bird-covered wine glass with a beautiful little dragonfly attached to it, - for myself. Seems I just had to have it.

The glass was only 3 bucks and the dragonfly, $4! (Funny, the dragonfly cost more than the glass)! Worth it though. Any dragonfly always reminds me of my late, beautiful cousin, Ellie, (who died 42 years ago of cancer, at the age of 19). She was forever rescuing dragonflies from Sturgeon Lake at Pleasant Point, bringing them to safety to dry out on the dock and watching them take off again. I've had a thing for dragonflies ever since. I love them because of Ellie. Kev and I also talk a lot about Ellie too, as they were exactly the same age and shared a special friendship until her death. I so wonder what she would have been like now, at the age of 61?

There was plenty more emotion at the end of the day, (which I won't get into "here & now" but perhaps, "then & sometime")! Let's just say, the first day back to school can take a toll and be a bit overwhelming for one & all. More to come, I'm sure.

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