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September 4/11

Cue Rod Serling voice.

"Join me tonight for a portrait. A portrait of a woman who has lost it. Gone round-the-bend. A woman who could be called "Mother-of-the-year." (NOT!)

Here's the story of my wild & wacky Saturday. Some of it isn't pretty, lemme tell ya.

I was already freaking about using the new GPS system for the first time, (given to me as a gift from Sam,) so I won't get lost. (which I do, constantly, if I have to drive anywhere further than Yonge & Finch).

We were on our way to a family celebration at the home of Sam's brother, Neil, and his wife, Carolyn, in Newmarket, for my Mum-in-law's birthday.

Jean Bornstein (my Mum-in-law), looking smashing at her birthday bash!

My Dad-in-law, Ben Bornstein, watches in appreciation of his lovely wife, (He says he will take her out to dinner on her REAL birthday on Monday night)!

Sam was on his way to pick up his parents in HIS car, while I was preparing, in terror, to drive MY car to Newmarket, with my daughter, Kate, as navigator and GPS watcher/listener. Earlier in the week, I told my son, Max, he would be going in the car with his Dad and grandparents and we'd all hook up in Newmarket, (assuming I didn't end up in Timbuktu).

I HATE driving highways. Started shaking and going into panic mode. (Again, in the infamous words of Woody Allen, "Somebody should just throw a blanket over me.") But, I sucked it up, did the whole shower/hair/makeup routine, got in the car with Kate, she fired up the GPS and off we went. Surprisingly, we GOT there - to the right street, the right house, the right party! I felt weak as I stepped out of the car, but I DID it!!

But then, when we were greeted at the door, and everyone congratulated me on this great feat of overcoming my directionally-challenged ways, Sam walked up to Kate and I and asked, "Where's Max?"

I laughed and said, "What do you MEAN where's Max? He was with YOU!"

Sam responded, "I didn't bring him!" At this point, I nearly passed out and was on the verge of hysterical tears. Great. I make it to the bash, but forgot my son at home!

Suddenly, I turned into Catherine O'Hara, before my very eyes.

"Where's Kevin?????" (er, I mean, MAX!!!)

Now, instead of being the butt of the lost-all-over-the-city jokes, I was officially Mother-of-the-year. I could have SWORN that Max was scheduled to travel to this party with his Dad, but nope. Wrong again Lain. I called Max on his cell. He was sleeping in his bedroom. Didn't even realize we had all left. I felt horrible. Contemplated driving back to get him, but by the time I would do that and return to Newmarket, the party would be over. Only thing left to do, carry on without him and bring party food home to him later. Max was so disappointed. So was I. So was everyone. I am such a loser.

(Just another Ka-BOOM moment, brought to you by Lain).

But, we partied on and had a lot of fun, though everyone missed Max. I asked to have my pic taken with all the young students (sans Max), at the party, who will be starting back to school after Labour Day.

(left to right) - Extended family member,- beautiful Jessie, age 11, about to enter grade 7, my incredibly talented nephew, Adam Bornstein (19), heading back to Western for 2nd year in MIT (Media Information Technology), me, my brilliant navigator daughter, Kate, 19, about to start Ryerson in Arts & Contemporary Studies, and my highly entertaining nephew, Justin, 15, who begins grade 10 soon in Port Perry. May you ALL have a very successful school year. Love you and will be rooting for you!!

You may know from a previous blog entry, that the Tuesday after Labour Day has been my lifelong LEAST favourite day of the year. As I grew up, it represented fear, apprehension, nervousness and a bitter hatred of the loss of freedom brought about by the end of summer. But THESE kids are SO much better adjusted than I ever was, and are actually looking FORWARD to getting back to school, work and friends.

Carolyn served TWO fabulous cakes, one strawberry shortcake and one dark, sinfully rich chocolate. She gave me a generous slab of chocolate cake to bring back for Max, along with a couple of burgers for dinner. (which he really appreciated).

Thanks Carolyn and Neil for such a great party! (Next time, I'll be sure to bring Max)!

After Kate and I made it back to the city, we stopped at a Tim Hortons to pick up a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee for Kevan. Dropped Kate off at home and picked up Max to go see his Uncle Kev for a visit at Bridgepoint Rehab.

Had a great time together out in the hot and humid courtyard, filled with trees, flowers, birds - and lots of other poor souls in wheelchairs. Kev is da bomb, as always. I would like to bottle his upbeat, easy-going nature.

We talked about music, family, pretty girls, all the important things of life. Kev says, after his accident, he has a new appreciation about the IMPORTANT things, and that when it comes to the rest of the crap, - take a chill pill. As of Sunday, Kev's family will be in Malta, so I'll be doing what I can to help him during this rough time at Bridgepoint where he needs to recover. He also wants to continue to get to his studio as often as possible to compose and record his new music assignment. Getting to the studio and back with two fractured ankles and in a wheelchair, isn't easy!

Meanwhile, my sister, Carrie, was having a very different day from mine.

She and her son, Lee, were involved in a baseball tournament in Oakville, where our Dad (Rex Loring) lives. Carrie invited Dad to come and watch some of the game, and he DID! A rare get together!!

I was SO moved to see these photos Carrie sent from the baseball diamond. We're close to Dad, in spirit and on the phone, but don't get to see him often, so these pics are oh-so-special.

To quote a baseball term, Dad has "stepped up to the plate" a lot these days, since the loss of our Mum. We are SO happy to have one parent around who cares, is still here to love us and be proud of his grandchildren.

To make things even better, GARTH was in town. Lee's Dad, (Garth Mosbaugh, of The Nylons), was visiting from B.C. and able to be there for the tournament too. This photo particularly got to me, since this unusual "son-in-law/father-in-law" team can rarely get together.

Garth just looks so happy here - (Dad does too), and the pic SO reminds me of old times and the fun they had together. GREAT shot Carrie!

Garth, Lee, Dad, Carrie - What a team!

Carrie says this was the final game EVER for this particular team. She was happy our Dad saw her in this light and got a glimpse into "her world" of yelling at players and doing the "baseball-Mom" thing. I will quote her here, as she says it better than I ever could!

Carrie says:
"When they lost the game, it was dramatic. They all had to say goodbye. Some members will be back, but Lee will be gone, as will a few others, and the coaching staff will change also. I overheard a bit of Sticks' (the coach's) speech.......all about commitment, and having mentors, and being happy and staying determined, being crazy sometimes, thanking your parents, going the distance, trying MORE than your best........I didn't cry, but I had to hold back my tears. It's been a great year, baseball-wise"!

Carrie, her 6-foot-tall son Lee, and our Dad - (Rex Loring!!)

"I'm so happy for Lee to be moving on up to The Rangers (starting Tuesday!!), but saying goodbye to this team is killing me............weeping here as I write. Lee has grown so much under the mentorship of Sticks and Dan. I will miss this team so much".

Proud parents, Carrie & Garth, with baseball star Lee.
(at least HE didn't get left Home Alone!!)

Oh, and Carrie reports, the team loss was a heart-breaker 6-5, but a great game! Now, Carrie is off for a week-long Tafelmusik tour in Montreal while, in another rare family opportunity, Garth will play "single Dad," stay with Lee and help launch into a new school year in grade 11. New beginnings all around.

Now THAT was one crazy Saturday!

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