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September 13/11.

Got distracted by some other projects over the weekend, so actually MISSED a day of blogging. Gak! WTF? How'd THAT happen? Getting caught up now. OK?

Back to Sunday. Went to check on Kevio at Bridgepoint.

Flaunting my new American Apparel mini. (also using it as my Facebook status pic too! - Why not?? I LOVE it) - Think it's pretty funny that I stuck with PANTS for years, but suddenly, at this point in my life, pants are passe, thrown on the floor, in Value Village bags or the laundry, and all I want to do is flash skin, bare legs, skirts way-up-to-there, have frivolous fun and let the chips fall where they may. (In fact, can't find the chips anywhere. - My bro-in-law, Garth, would tell, me, "Chips are over-rated")! I'm not getting any younger, that's for sure, so let 'er rip! - OK with you? - If NOT, too bad. This above "auto-pic" was shot with my camera stuck on top of a post in the Bridgepoint parking lot on the way in to see Kev. (FYI - Always use a PROFESSIONAL photog post when you can find one). If not, then you must resort to asking a real human being to take a shot for you, and they are sometimes tough to find!

Added a mauve hoodie to this version of the outfit. Mauve is one of my favourite colours EVER!!

When I got there, discovered Kev out in the courtyard on a beautiful afternoon, hanging with his friends, Sharon Fischer Mitchell and her hubby, Paul Mitchell. I always love to find pals visiting Kev. He needs them. His fam is still away in Malta, and though Skyping is fun, it's not quite the same as the real deal. THESE people ARE!!! Kev had a blast, showing off the series of gorgeous colour shots, (on his iPAD), of his wife, Marilyn, daughter, Sacha, granddaughter, Sienna and her Dad, Mark, to Sharon & Paul. I SO wish I could put a pic or two up from the Malta trip, but I don't have official permission yet, so can't.

Reflecting back on my OWN hospital experience, it wasn't bad at all, (well, apart from excruciating pain!!) - since I got to go home the SAME day as the surgery. (April 27th - going on five months ago now), but with Kev, he CAN'T go home. And it's SUCH A DRAG, as his house is just three blocks away, (so close - and yet, so far). And he's stuck in this place, whippin' around in a wheelchair. - But always SO upbeat and easy-going.

I feel SO badly for him though, legs still in casts and having to rely on others to get him to & fro, back & forth to work, so he can work on his music.

I know Kev. I LOVE Kev. (Duh!) And am getting to know him even better, which is just fantastic.

I got Paul to take a shot of me with Kevan, bringing him a couple of mini-Heineken cans. (I mean, what is a hot, sunny Sunday summer day good for, if not, a beer or two??) I have one, Kev is "smuggling" the other, as you see. He was very happy to receive the beer!

I was SO mad I missed Auntie Ray's visit to Kevan at Bridgepoint. A friend of hers drove her to see Kev. I REALLY wanted to capture the mother-&-son-reunion thing, but it was not to be. So, on the way home, stopped by my fave spot on Broadview to see if I could TRY again to get a decent pic in front of the fab cityscape view over Riverdale Park.

One of my MOST favourite settings!

Part of our neighbourhood!

On Monday, Kev needed me to get money over to his Mum, so she could pay her cleaning woman. He got his friend, Martin, to drive him over to MY place, and give me the cash to take to Ray.

Then, my daughter, Kate came with me to deliver the money to the condo, -and Auntie Ray, was then able to pay Cleo! (spelling? - not sure - sorry, not a good editor at this moment here!)

Later, after the whole shower/hair/makeup-with-a-garden-trowel routine, went out by cab to the Toronto Marriott Bloor hotel to see my old friend, Patrick Stoner, - a "junketeer", in town for the Toronto Film Festival. Haven't seen him in years, so, it was quite a blast, catching up on SO MANY THINGS! (the hotel had decorated a table with film cans and other film festival thingys behind us!) An actual person offered to take this shot of us! LOL.

The junket circuit seems so very foreign to me now, and yet, familiar too. I also caught up with a lot of other junket gang members I hadn't seen in SOOOOOOOOO long, (MARIA BABE!!!!), (sorry, still looking for a pic!)

- And Sandie? - Beautiful as ever! (will post a "Maria pic" as soon as I FIND one)!

- and it was all great, just to shake hands with them and share a few laughs. Big-time laughter looms large in my legend right now. (line from A Hard Day's Night). Thanks Beatles!
Thanks Patrick!

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