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September 9/11.

Took off in the late afternoon to head to Bridgepoint Health rehab to visit Kevan.

Just about to go see Kevio at Bridgepoint with a few goodies.

Was surprised to find Kev wasn't in his room, (or the courtyard), which I took to be a GOOD sign. If he wanted to go someplace in his wheelchair, things MUST look better! Not sure where he was, but the nurses told me he would be back for dinner.

Instead, I took some time to visit with Kev's roommate, Leo.

Leo told me he is 79, has an artificial right hip, an artificial left knee, a colosotomy (just like Mum did), has suffered two heart attacks and a bypass. Still, there he was, hanging out, joking with me!

Leo reports he's been at Bridgepoint for about 8 weeks. Before that, he "did time" in Toronto Western, St. Josephs and St. Hilda's Towers. He quipped, "They've gotta get me all together so I can fall apart again! - That's life in the big city!"

When I asked if he has family, he explained his wife, Marguerite, lives in a home in Windsor. He speaks to her on the phone every night. They had five children, but sadly, one of them passed away. The fam can't visit him, due to the long distance, so he spends most of his time watching TV (especially his fave - baseball), - or talking to his roommate, Kev! - Good luck Leo! I hope you get to go home soon!

Before taking off from Bridgepoint, I dropped off a note for Kev, saying sorry to have missed him, left him some fresh strawberries, a few cookies and a music magazine.

Went to do a few errands, including a stop at the neighbourhood LCBO where I ran into my buddies, "blues brothers" Aubrey & Dana.

Bought them each a beer, gave them a toonie, and in exchange, they played "Farewell Nova Scotia" for me. (they love that song, since they're eastern lads!) They asked about Kevan and how he's coming along!

The photo of me with the blues bros was snapped by their friend and fan, Raphael, who told me he likes to drop by the store when they're around, just to hear them perform. (I don't blame him! They're really very good)!

Afterwards, went home, where Max & I picked out some of his favourite M*A*S*H* DVDs to watch.

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