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Lucky #13 & "table trips"!!

July 28/11.

I've written about this before. 13 has always been my lucky number. So it wasn't scary to me that today was radiation treatment #13. Been there, done that now, and 13 is SO outta here! 3 more to go.

Let me see if I can put something into words. Visions, pictures, thoughts, feelings, ideas, things people tell me, - these are all difficult to translate. Over the past few weeks, several friends have said things to help get me through radiation treatments.

These things run the gamut from crazy to funny, illogical to romantic, brilliant to off-the-wall, super serious to right-out-there. Few of them make a lot of sense, and that's what I LOVE! The wilder the better.

I think it began when one special friend simply suggested that when I go for radiation, to "Think about one of Auntie Ray's hats!" I laughed at the time, but darned if the next day, I didn't do exactly that! SO many times when these inane thoughts pop into my head on the radiation table, I want to burst out laughing, but I'm not supposed to move, so it has to be INTERNAL laughing only. Inevitably something starts to itch, (the second they say, "Don't move!") Then, I have to use the power of concentration to go someplace else in my mind, to relax and often, just to have fun and amuse myself while lying in a strange, uncomfortable environment.
So far, I've been to the Aegean Sea off Mykonos,

to Lindsay (where I used to go with my grandparents as a kid),

(Why is it this pic can make me laugh & cry at the same time? - Carrie?? Explain it to me),

to Century House, (my grandparents' antique shop/home, which was destroyed in a fire years ago, but burns forever brightly in my mind),

to camping in a luxury tent!

(hee hee! MY version of camping!!) - Oh, and, click to enlarge!

to Robert Redford's arms,
 (circa The Way We Were - click to

or maybe, The Sting,

(click to enlarge) - just trying to make you laugh!

hmmmmmmmmmmmm, or maybe, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when he had the moustache! (can't decide). - And...yes, click to enlarge!!

 At one point, another friend told me to think about yellow. Made no sense, but pretty soon, all I could think about was yellow! (hence, my yellow dress obsession today for treatment #13) - Even had it on under the good old medical gown for today's "Where's the stylist?" shot! (but as usual, NOTHING can rescue this garment from hideousness! - not even off-the-shoulder draping). I'll keep trying.

And today's mind trip? A visit to Boca Tabla - Curacao!

Have never been there, but a sweet friend of mine who travelled there, described it, telling me there is an intensity and ferocity about the place (which seems to suit my mood), so I researched the location and learned all about the crashing waves, rock formations, sea turtles, caves, you name it.

After all that, I was dazed out on the table, dreaming of rugged terrain, deep dark caves and thundering waves, (which pretty much drowned out the hum of the zapping machine)!

Oh, and radiation Muzak today? I WANTED the theme song from The Perfect Storm! - but got, Cry Me A River by Diana Krall! (well, at least there was a river running thru my fantasy!!)

#13 has left the building! Pic kindly taken by my favourite security guard at Princess Margaret Hospital! He shall remain anonymous! SSSSSShhhhh. - But HE knows who he is!!
(Still LIKIN' the YELLOW!)

NO clue where I'll go for treatment #14 tomorrow! Any ideas??

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At July 28, 2011 at 9:01 p.m. , Blogger e.m. said...

hey Elaine,
maybe you would find yourself somewhere inside Deer Park U.C., maybe at the front of the congregation performing at a youth service, or in the East Room with the tea and coffee some Sunday in the spring, or listening to the magnificent organ while the light streamed through the stained glass windows, or being enthralled by the eloquence and intelligence and goodness of Leonard Griffiths.
just a thought.
i've been following the blog the last little while. wanted to say hi. a distant voice from the past -- from the above, you'll know what part of your past.
love the yellow -- my daughter's favourite colour. say hi to Carrie for me.
much love and take good care.

At July 28, 2011 at 10:17 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I figured out how to post -yeah!!
Either you should be on a chaise at Fern Resort.If not there hostessing a comedy club .If not there crusing the South Seas.
Good luck -Dean

At July 29, 2011 at 12:07 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Eleanor, what a message.
Deer Park was such a part of all our lives!!
Thank you for posting. Everything you mention is crystal clear in my mind. Will definitely say hi to Carrie for you, (although, she will see this, as she is my biggest blog fan!!) Really hope all is well with YOU!! Love, Elaine

At July 29, 2011 at 12:17 a.m. , Anonymous elaine loring said...

And Dean? Looking SO forward to Fern! Need to relax! I hope YOU have the chance to go on vacation soon too. You're the best!

At July 29, 2011 at 10:07 a.m. , Blogger Camille said...

Hooray! 13 down! How inspiring. I love that you are taking control in whichever way you can and drawing out the fun and loveliness in life, even as you sit in the hospital setting in those awful gowns. The styling of them is inventive and lovely and always makes me smile...

At July 29, 2011 at 11:43 a.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

You're makin' my day with this cute comment. I am glad SOMEONE out there gets a laugh out of the "Where's the stylist?" looks each day in the change room! lol

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