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Great day!!

July 27/11.

I know it may be hard to believe that radiation days can be great, but often they are! Today, was terrific! I'm into double digits and that's good news!

Today's hospital photog? My security-guard-in-shining-armour, (the one who said I looked like a Barbie doll!), appeared out of nowhere today, just as I was vacating the basement radiation department. I caught sight of him and asked if he could take a shot of me and he agreed! #11 - (using two fingers), plus - added my favourite beret today!

Radiation Muzak? Something-or-other by Diana Krall again. Couldn't recognize the song, but it was very pretty and helped my brain to float off to the Harbour Castle Hotel, where I was having strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast! (sounds like a plan).

Today's "Where's the stylist" shot? I was SICK of posing in the blue medical gown, so brought my OWN "gown" and belt to pose in. (no, didn't wear it on the radiation table!) - it's exclusive only to the change room!

This must be my week for parking lots! After today's treatment, ran smack dab into my old friend, Sandy Pimenoff. He's a Global TV cameraman and we worked together on countless stories over many years. A fantastic guy and we shared many laughs. In the Global days, he was known to my soap viewers as "Sandy the soap fan cameraman!" It was such a blast to cover soap events with him, because he always knew as much as I did about the daytime dramas!

Later on, in the evening, I was able to catch up further with Sandy, as I was invited to a Global TV Guys & Gals potluck reunion dinner party at the home of reporter Terese Sears. (our desks used to be right next to each other years ago). She has a beautiful home and I was really taken aback to be so warmly greeted and hugged by so many old friends! I was especially happy to see the two remaining "nice guys", former anchormen John Dawe and Mike Anscombe! Later, Mike gave me a lift home, cuz that's the kind of gentleman he is! (thanks Mike!)

John Dawe, me & Mike Anscombe - I always had a blast working with these two at the anchor desk. (you may see, Mike hates having his picture taken, but I insisted!!!!!!)

Hostess with the mostess, Terese Sears (second from left) with a few of her Global party guests!

With another of my former Global TV cameramen, Joe Da Ponte. Great to see him! He told me he's now engaged to be married in August of next year in Portugal! - Congrats Joe!

Joe, Mike Anscombe and cameraman extraordinaire Yhoram "Every frame a Rembrandt" Pirotsky!

With Global editor sweetheart Doug McLelland - I wonder how many stories we edited together over 18 years!??

With Yhoram and Joe.

All in all, a blast of a bash! Thanks to Terese for the invitation. I really needed this evening!!

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At July 27, 2011 at 3:57 p.m. , Blogger Keithera said...

Hey Elaine!

I looks like everyone had a great time last night! Sorry I missed the party.

Hope things are going well with you.


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