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Radiation roundup

July 25/11.

My lifelong pal, Joanne, (visiting her old hometown of Toronto from Los Angeles), came to my house this morning to catch up with me on everything. She's the only person I know who would hang out on the sofa in the bedroom, yakking with me, while I sat on the floor, doing makeup! Funny.

A little later, we took off for lunch at our favourite place, The Friendly Greek. She rarely gets to dine there, as Toronto visits don't come along every day. Their food is SOOOOOO delish.

Joanne at The Friendly Greek

We split an order of deep fried calamari and had salads. Their Greek chicken salad is the best! (no dressing, no onion for me! Yuck)

Ever since Joanne heard I was starting radiation, she's been saying she'll accompany me to treatments when she gets here, and she's always true to her word! First time anyone has hung out with me in the basement! While waiting for me to come out, Joanne said she found it sad. I sure know what she means. When I first started coming to Princess Margaret Hospital, it was tough to see so many sick and struggling people going through such tough, trying and scary times. But now, after three months of visits, (even though it's still difficult to watch), I feel I've become part of a special community.

Today's "where's the stylist?" look - a borrowed rainbow hat from Kate and the now, ever-present red belt. Pretty hot, eh? (LOL) - TEASE!

Let's see, radiation room Muzak today? Back to "The Look of Love" again - by Diana Krall. (come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn guys, can you flip the tape once in while? Shake it up a little!) I've gotten to really relax during these treatment times, which are somewhat of an escape for me. The mind can take you anywhere in the world in three minutes! Joanne laughed and said I'm the only person she knows who will MISS radiation when it's over!

After treatment, time for the weekly visit to fill out a DART form (Distress Assessment and Response Tool). The computer form asks how you're feeling on a scale of one to ten when it comes to nauseousness, (for me, happily, 0), energy level - 10! (thanks to "Intensity Entity" who keeps me revved at all times), fatigue? - 0 (no time for fatigue!) and pain, which I rated at 4. The arm pain just never goes away, but, whatever.

Then, on to see the radiation oncologist who went over the form and checked me out for side effects, (which, so far, are few). Six more to go, so not sure what will happen after that!

And today, (stepping into the role of "construction worker!), Joanne took over the hospital photog duties! She was happy to snap the shot for "number 10" - BOTH hands! (What I'm going to do tomorrow...for number 11, not sure!)

Joanne has been reading the blog religiously from day one in L.A. and said she wanted to do a hospital "10" pic too! (More fun with a friend!!)

Thanks for coming along for the ride Joanne!

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At July 27, 2011 at 9:01 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day. I'm addicted! Waiting for your latest entry.


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