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Comedy central!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 24/11.

There are few things I like better than laughing. (ask anyone).

During the Global TV years, always loved it when Mark Breslin, founder of Yuk Yuks, would ask me to be a judge in a comedy showdown, just so I could have the pleasure of sitting in the front row to laugh till I cry.

In MY book, standup comics rule. Always have. They are brave, (actually, FEARLESS!), and I adore them. Tonight, Kate, Damian & I were invited to join my old friend, Dean Rogers, (who won 10 freebies!), to attend an evening of standup at Absolute Comedy. When Dean first asked me along, my answer was an instant yes. (These days, I need all the laughs I can get)!

Sam snapped this pic as we were about to leave for the club. (I just wrote about John Lennon on the blog a day or two ago and now, Damian is sporting this shirt)!

So, tonight, it was a riot to be part of a quadruple ComicFest at the Yonge/Eglinton Absolute Comedy Club.

Damian & Kate ready for the show!

The entrance to the showroom features photos of many of the talented comics who have graced the stage at Absolute Comedy. Welcome to the Wall of Shame!

Cutie pie Scott White, who emceed the show, delivered fast-paced, polished comic bits in between the four comedians. Scott grew up in Michigan. Now he lives in Houston. He's hilarious and during his quick routines, touched on Tweeting, poking, why men are so easily amused and WOMEN wear "F-me pumps", but bj blue jeans! - (& then, accidentally whammed himself in the face with a foamless mic!) LOL.

Up next?

Headliner Trent McClellan has such a sparkle in his eyes. Hard to ignore. His observational comedy, a scream.

Trent is from Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Fantastic crowd reaction to his entire act, especially when he told us, "Beer may cause untimely nakedness! - May also cause sex with the ugly."

Thought I was going to lose it when he zeroed in on women who shop at Winners and how they go into a sales rack trance. (KNOW the feeling lately!!) And his rant on self checkout, the cashier's stance and "pick a magnetic side" when it comes to debit cards....SOOOOO funny, and true.

How lucky was I, when I wanted to get a pic with Scott & Trent and happened to find them TOGETHER at the same second!! YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS! Great evening!

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