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Sundays can be a blog challenge. After the always-fun excitement/craziness/hard work of Friday or Saturday, you can suddenly hit Sunday in a serious time warp of exhaustion, and as blog entries go, sometimes, "I got nothin'!" (But that's the time you need to get creative)!

One of the numbers performed at the Broadway show on Saturday night was "I Could Have Danced All Night" from My Fair Lady, a song I once wrote about here in the past, on a lucky Friday the 13th, when I didn't even want to THINK of going to sleep! - It was after finding out my surgeon, Dr. McCready, got clean margins during my surgery, - (among other things), and all was going to be well. The lyrics say, "Bed! Bed! I couldn’t go to bed, my head’s too light to try to set it down. Sleep, sleep, I couldn’t sleep tonight. Not for all the jewels in the crown!”

Gorgeous Audrey Hepburn (as Eliza), sings "I Could Have Danced All Night" after her incredible evening, dancing to "The Rain in Spain" with Henry Higgins, (the man of her secret dreams)!!

Know the feeling Eliza! After that fabulous show last night, I ended up writing, reading, working around the house, cleaning up all kinds of stuff and not going to sleep till 6 a.m., back up at noon. Later, Sam took me out to the Beaches to buy my favourite hair product called CURE.

This stuff is worth its weight in gold and Hair Dynamix in the Beaches is the only place I know to get it! We also went grocery shopping for all kinds of things and then home to unpack and cook some dinner. I made a roast, potatos, rice and corn on the cob (yet to be eaten by anyone, as of 9 p.m.) I will NEVER make it as a senior citizen, eating dinner at 5. Impossible! So, while waiting around for dinner to cook and guests (including Kate's boyfriend Damian and Max's girlfriend, Robyn, to be hungry), had a glass of Henkell out on the back deck. Such a beautiful night!


In the meantime, for the first time since Mum's piano was delivered to our basement, I heard Max and Robyn jamming! Had to run down to get a shot.

Just as I'd hoped, the new piano is already making a difference around here!

And just for fun, will throw in a few more funny pics. Kate & Damian were out walking together and suddenly spotted a red, heart-shaped pillow with arms, sitting on a chair in front of someone's house! They wanted to take it, but weren't sure it was meant to be taken! They vowed if it was there when they walked back home again, they would pick it up and give it a home.

When they walked home, the pillow was still there, but this time, the arms were in a different position, wrapped around the chair! They took it gently by the hand and walked it home. After that, the challenge was to come up with as many ideas as they could to showcase that pillow!

Damian, if you can comically improvise using a heart-shaped pillow with arms, there is a place for you in this family! (My Uncle Ev scored points BIG TIME with Auntie Ray back in 1948, because he "saw a star" in the bottom of his coffee cup and once pretended to turn the doors of an old elevator into a harp. THAT union lasted 62 years, so lookout!!)

Many more strange things happened today, but I think I'll stop here on a high note!

Later tonight, all four of the kids ended up playing (and/or listening) in a "basement scene" jam session! LOVE it! Almost 10 p.m. now. Time for dinner!

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