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Never a dull moment!

July 11/11.

My lifelong joke about "Never a dull moment" sure came into play over the weekend. We had major "contraption problems"! After many years, our old dishwasher, which has been repaired over and over, finally cacked. The front actually fell right off! Time for a new one. Sam chose a stainless steel model, ordered it and arranged to have it installed. The new one arrived Friday. Early on Saturday morning, a man from Sears came to remove the old dinosaur and install the gleaming new Kenmore. He glanced at the massive cardboard box and quipped it looked a bit too big for the space! (Great). But Sam had taken measurements. At any rate, after turning off the power and a lot of fancy maneuvering, the new one DID fit, was put in place and hooked up! - And it looks great!

I was upstairs during the installation process when suddenly an excruciatingly loud alarm went off outside the bedroom! SO loud, it was actually painful. Ran down to get Sam, who was assisting the Sears guy. He came upstairs and attempted to yank out the smoke alarm (which we thought was the problem).

After a lot of effort to shut it down, the overpowering alarm still blaring away, the device fell to the floor and broke, but the killer screeching continued! (when something is THAT loud, it's practically impossible to determine where it's coming from!) We finally discovered it was the carbon monoxide detector! Quickly opened all the windows and I pulled the detector out of the wall and IT broke!! What the heck is going on around here?

To make a long story short, there was no carbon monoxide problem, but just a faulty alarm. Despite having my hands over my ears most of the time, when the squealing alarm finally stopped, all I could hear was ringing! Not sure how Sam managed to get through it at ALL, as he was up close & personal with the shrill siren for ages! At any rate, he ended up going to Home Depot to get a new smoke alarm and CO detector and then home to install them both. I thought the whole event might have been related to the dishwasher procedure, since it all happened at once, but turns out, it was only a coincidence! We just wanted to sleep in on Saturday, but believe me, we were wide awake and shaking after all that! I CRAVE a dull moment!

Meanwhile, in my continuing quest to find the perfect shampoo/conditioner (which apparently, doesn't exist for hair like mine!), I bought two salon products while at Hair Dynamix yesterday, recommended by the receptionist. Not cheap, but with my hair in its current state, decided to try them. Don't know what's IN those products, but my hair went completely INSANE! Couldn't even get a brush through it, since it transformed into massive brillo-pad tangles! (sorry, NO pictures! fuhgeddaboudit! - but let's just say, I gave Phil Spector a run for his money!) Gak!

It took all my nerve to call the salon to complain - (you may know, I'm not good with confrontation!), but the woman who recommended the products said I could exchange them for anything else I like, so I'm going back today to get more CURE (the product I talked about yesterday). I'd better stock up anyway, since everything I EVER like, gets discontinued!

Tomorrow, (if I get my hair untangled), I'll be heading to the hospital for my first radiation treatment. Intensity Entity is threatening to jump overboard. - Think I'll go lie down for a while now!

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