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Lucky 7!

July 20/11.

Fun tymes at Princess Margaret Hospital today! Radiation treatment #7 is history. Just 9 more to go. Everything went perfectly. Smooth as silk. Radiation Muzak? The love theme from St. Elmo's Fire.

Earlier, while waiting for my treatment time, decided to hang out in the lobby for a while - (it's much nicer than the basement! Even though the radiation area is pretty, has comfy seating and a fish aquarium, it doesn't smell good - kind of like a sewer overflowed or something). So waited upstairs, in front of the atrium lobby window next to Druxy's, looking out at all the busy comings and goings - (directly behind where I'm standing here).

Due to the wild heat, was wearing my favourite new summery floral dress for the first time, - (it's actually shorts UNDER a skirt - great design!)

A handsome guy passing by spotted me trying to take an autocam pic, stopped and asked if I'd like him to take it for me.

I said definitely, and he did. - So here's radiation pic #7, - "humidity hair" and all, courtesy of a man who wished to remain anonymous! If you insist sir. - And thanks! (oh, could you come back again tomorrow? I'm getting kind of tired of hoping a construction worker will rush to my aid!)

While hanging in the lobby, I noticed a hospital security guard heading my direction. Thought he was going to tell me I couldn't stand there or something. Instead, I looked up, greeted him with a smile and hello, and he suddenly said, "I would just like to tell you that you look like a beautiful Barbie doll." I almost fell off my high heels! Told him he just made my week...or month! The man said he'd noticed me the day before, thought I might have been an actress or model or something, (ya, I KNOW, that was really pushing it!), but still, nice of him to say. I told him about the blog and he said he will read it. Minutes later, after explaining I'm a patient at the hospital, he brought me a chair! It's been years since I got this kind of attention - at least standing around a hospital! PMH has it all.

All I could come up with for today's change room shot was a matching blue belt. Tried to use it to create an "empire waist" effect. Dismal failure, but, did what I could.

Tomorrow, I'm going to team the medical gown with a Jason Mraz fedora to see how it looks! (OK with YOU Jason, "Mr. Lucky?")

"Yep! Whatever you want Lain. I'm feelin' lucky. Steal my style! Lemme know how that works for you."

I'll try anything once!! (will borrow the hat from my son, Max). Who knows? Might start a new trend! Take it Jason & Colbie!

Stay cool everyone! They say it'll be a scorcher on Thursday.

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At February 8, 2015 at 1:46 p.m. , Blogger Julie Sutton Music said...

I was reading Martin Short's recently-published biography, I Must Say, where he mentions the cast of Godspell, and I came across the picture on your blog. Fun stuff! I want to tell you about a friend of mine, Mark Bowling, who has written some incredible music for cancer survivors. Check out Blessings!


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