Lain's Log

6 down!

July 19/11.

Treatment #6 today. Ten more to go.
There was a delay in radiation. Got there a couple of minutes late, but they weren't ready for me yet, (first time that's happened). So, went off to Druxy's for tea and, ya, some other sweet treat. (I'd better lay off Druxy's for a while!)

Used the delay time to go outside and find someone to take the "number six" pic! Today's unsuspecting photographer? A nice man named Ivan, who was having a smoke outside the hospital with a few friends. (I'm actually really stunned at the number of people I see smoking there every a cancer hospital. Do they not GET it???) Anyway, Ivan took the pic. I told him about the blog and he asked me, "What's a blog?"

By the time I got back and checked in again, I was called immediately. Today's treatment room Muzak was a piano version of Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You. Had ALL kinds of wild & crazy thoughts racing thru my head. It's bizarre what happens to your brain in the treatment room. Kinda fun, actually. Wish it lasted longer! (not the zapping part!) So far, so good. NO major side effects from radiation yet. Likely soon though. Was told by the radiation oncologist to buy Lubriderm to rub on the affected skin, which I have, and will! (for now though, am addicted to vanilla everything! Soap, body cream, scented name it. I've bought out the store on vanilla!)

One of the common radiation side effects is fatigue. So far, being zapped hasn't zapped my energy, and for that, I'm grateful. In fact, I continue to be SO energized I hardly know what to do with it at all!!

Then again, I'm not even HALF WAY thru the 16 sessions, so things could change, (but hope not!) It WOULD be nice NOT to be super-energized when I'm trying to SLEEP - (would LOVE to SLEEP!), but, that's really the last of my worries. What I call "Intensity Entity", who has lived within me since early May, the Docs like to call STRESS. They could be right, I guess. - I'VE said I have several theories on this crazy electricity within. ONE of them is the positive thoughts and constant energy and laughs being sent my way by many friends, relatives and FB pals, which is keeping me jazzed. Could ALSO be something from "on high" - Mum & Uncle Ev letting THEIR raw energy flow towards me. (Never know!!) - Or, could be something else ALTOGETHER!!

Let's see. What OTHER explanation could there be?? - MIKE BULLARD??

Yes! It's ALLLLLLLLLLL me Lain!!

Love the man, (even though I've never MET him!), and there is definitely SOME kind of intensity flying in my direction from the radio, whenever he is on, weekdays from noon to one on BEYOND THE MIC - (NEWSTALK 1010)! He DRIVES me to tune in EVERY DAY to laugh. I just HAVE to hear him! The other day I sent him a Twitter message. (he loves Twitter) and he wrote back! It was about the hysterical rant he did about how to keep cool on hot, humid summer nights when you don't have air conditioning. Just hilarious. Wish I could hear it all OVER again right NOW! Nobody does it like Mike!

One way to keep cool is to wear only a hospital gown. Woo Hoo! LOL. In my attempt to add some pizzazz, today's addition is a stretchy red belt which I owned in the '80s, while at Global. Somehow, my daughter Kate, "inherited" it and really likes it! I borrowed it back today to cinch in the waist. - Doesn't help much, but, whatever. (What shall I do tomorrow)?? Suggestions would be most welcome.

Meanwhile, my fantastic son, Max, was ALSO into red yesterday! I asked if I could take his pic, sporting his bright red shirt for a date with his beautiful girlfriend, Robyn!

Max is the cutest!!

OK gang. Onward to treatment #7 tomorrow!


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