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What the heck??

September 15/11.

Not the most productive day, but tried to get some stuff accomplished. One of those days where I couldn't seem to get Mum out of my head. Broke into tears at the drop of a hat - (though I wasn't wearing a hat at the time). I sometimes wonder if there will EVER come a time, when I'm not sad about her death. And trying to hide it? Just doesn't work for me. All I can do is attempt to take my mind off it all by doing other insane things.

Taking off for a bunch of errands, wearing the new Marilyn shoes. Attempting to "break them in". Really not used to wearing black shoes after so many months in white! Hate saying goodbye to summer!

Dropped by for a quick visit to Kevio at Bridgepoint.

Wanted to bring him a little sparkle - as in Henkell (my fave), to add a little pizzazz to his hospital-style dinner! It was some kind of stir-fry thing.

Kevio is kinda tired of me snapping pics of him at the hospital, so I will just post this cute one of him with his granddaughter, Sienna, taken on September 1st (which was Kevan & Marilyn's 28-year anniversary), shortly before his fam took off to go to Malta. Sienna is such a little sweetie. She just turned three months old.

Kevan has been doing very well, getting over to his studio as often as possible to work on his music. On Thursday morning, he is having his ankles x-rayed at Mount Sinai. I really hope they show he is on the mend. One of these days, the casts will come off and he can start therapy and learn to get back on his feet. In the meantime, he is whipping hither and thither in his wheelchair and has gotten very good at it!

After seeing Kev, picked up a prescription at the optometrist's office for new glasses. My old glasses broke and apparently, are unfixable. Just great.

It has been a bit of a riot, (NOT!!) - driving around wearing glasses with only one arm on them. Fun? Wow! Going to pick out new frames on Thursday.

Then had to go back downtown to return some things on Yonge Street. I had bought this belt,

but when I got home, it turned out the store clerks had left the damn ink security tag on!

Doh! Pesky ink tags! I know there must be a way to remove it on your own, but didn't want to risk getting covered with ink or wrecking the belt! Kate came with me to the store (which is a place called Katie!)
The lady there cut it off and apologized.

Then walked over to American Apparel to return two shirts which ended up to be absolutely hideous on me. Exchanged them for cute crop tops.

in black, pink and red. Should be fun to wear. Ya, I know, they're supposed to be for teenagers. I care not.

Next, off to the Metro grocery store on Gould, because I had $60 worth of Air Mile reward coupons to spend! Nothing like free groceries!!

Spent the rest of the evening doing all those mundane things I love so much like, putting away groceries, loading the dishwasher, serving food to various family members at different times, finishing laundry, feeding the cat, changing the cat litter, stepping in cat vomit, - you know, fun stuff like that.

But the best part of the evening? - Talking to a few friends on the phone.
(would love to mention them all, but some of them are kinda shy, despite their outrageous humour!!) One thing I can say without hesitation is that I have some unbelievably funny friends! There are five of them I could name right now who keep me in absolute hysterics, EVERY time I talk to them. (and one or two who can do the same for me on Skype!) I mean, serious, breathless STITCHES every time I talk to them! And in the frame of mind I've been in these days, my favourite part of ANY day, is when I can laugh. Keep it coming gang! Love it! And love you!!

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At September 15, 2011 at 4:32 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE stepping on cat vomit too! It is S0 much fun!
Now, get back into the kitchen and make the family some dinner in your Marilyn Monroe shoes!
Love ya babe!

At September 15, 2011 at 7:06 p.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

And I KNOW who you are!!
Love ya too!
I will be barefoot in the kitchen tonight.
How domestic can you get?
The Cooking Queen


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