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Hello, goodbye!!

September 22/11.

Went into major clean-up mode after blogging yesterday about the house being in such an outta control state! Won't post pics re: "accomplishments" quite yet, as there is still SO much to be done, but it's coming along! I just needed to really kick butt. (my own). Will have to do more of the same for MANY days to come to reach my lofty autumn goals.

Thank goodness for Howard Stern, on SIRIUS, who kept me company all during this complete mundane drudgery!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (mundane-drudgery-is-us!)

Tried to snap an auto-pic before taking off to see Kevio at Bridgepoint, but as usual, my photography skills were severely lacking. (my next door neighbour tried HER hand at taking a shot or two, but they were even worse than THIS, if you can believe it!! - so, went with the above horrific pic!) Seems my digi-cam is damn tricky. I really need a crash course!

Just as I was about to leave the house, (Henkell piccolos in hand for Kev), my cell phone rang. It was my "long-lost" - (now FOUND), college pal, John Axelson, from Nelson, B.C.! I SO love getting these unexpected calls from him!

He reached me via "Skype phone" - just to say hi. (I STILL can't get over hearing his distinctive voice! Such a blast! Really, just phenomenal to me!) He says he's had a very good, productive few days, working on the next installment of his book,

explaining that writing it, is kinda like working out a jigsaw puzzle in advance in his brain, one carefully concocted, convoluted piece at a time. He KNOWS what the end result should be, - the look of the finished product, but putting the pieces in place for the reader, is the trick! Have never heard ANYONE describe the actual process of writing in quite that manner. Even just a minute or two on the phone with John, is always unique and informative!

When I told him I was on the way to visit Kev, John asked me to say a special hello, because Rough Trade apparently had a profound effect on him back in the day!

Carole Pope & Kevan Staples

John claims Carole Pope broke the mold in such a heavy duty way, when it came to sexuality, (in the early '80s), that it made a world of difference to him in his own self discovery back then. Having known John only such a short, (but blindingly brilliant time) - a semester or two at Seneca College in 1975, I never knew of his love for and appreciation of, Rough Trade! Will tell Kev soon.

When I got to Kev's room, to drop off some cold Henkell on ice to sparkle up his bland dinner, he wasn't there, (still off, working on his music), but his roommate, Leo, was having HIS evening meal. My husband, Sam, had kindly made a colour copy of the blog entry I wrote about Leo a week or so ago, and I gave it to him. He read it right away and allowed me to take a photo of him with the entry! LOL.

Leo (age 79), plans on mailing this blog copy to his wife in Windsor to impress her! LOL. He's been a good companion for Kevio in rehab for weeks! They've shared close quarters for quite some time now. This week, Kev has also been sharing Vitamin C tablets with Leo because they BOTH need more immune system protection, with all the coughing, hacking and sneezing going on all around them. Yikes. Kev continues to get into his studio as often as possible, via cab and wheelchair to work on his documentary music. In the same way I tried to take MY mind off daily radiation (minus the "table top fantasy getaways"), Kevio needs to retreat from rehab and find ways to escape his current crazy existence.

After leaving Bridgepoint, I found retreat of my own at No Frills, (in pouring rain),

buying $138 worth of groceries and dragging them home, then putting them away, heating up and serving frozen pizzas - (by request!), and finally, (my fave joy of joys), changing kitty litter, also by "request" - of our cat, Tru!!

Spoke to a couple of friends by phone tonight, laughing, AND crying, then said a fond (ya, teary-eyed), farewell to my sister, Carrie, via email, as she embarks on a complex canoe trip in the morning, which will be unlike any other. Details another time! This trip involves a total of 8 participants in search of a very special destination! Travel safely gang! I'll be thinking of you!! - Oh, the stories I am bound to hear when you return from this mission/labour of love!

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